What do I have to do?

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by fromthatshow, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. fromthatshow

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    What do I have to do to get the support I need? Why does it seem that you have to attempt suicide before people take you seriously?
    I am so jealous of my friend Ashley that is seeing three different therapists and has therapy every day once or twice a day. I need 24/7 support. I need to be in a safe place. I need more therapy than twice a week.
    I am going to talk to my therapist about getting more support. She suggested support groups until I can maybe get into the institute of living. It's just finding motivation and courage to do these things is tough, especially while working on issues of deserving this support. And it makes it tougher when I call the place four times and they never call me back :cry:. I need help!
    p.s. I'm really scared I need virtual hugs.
  2. aki

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    God, thats so messed up :mad: you're crying out for help but they're practically ignoring you. You're so brave to ask for it in the first place. It's like they want people to attempt. What they don't understand is that not everyone will attempt first, some people will just go and DO it if they think no one listens.

    I think you're great, really. I know you can do this :hug:
  3. fromthatshow

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    Thanks Elizabeth!
  4. Dave_N

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    Sorry that you're not getting the help that you need fromthatshow. You're a nice guy and you've been an awesome friend to me. Keep trying to get help. :hug: :hug:
  5. andyc68

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    be strong, keep pushing for the extra support in the real world and make sure you keep yourself safe.

    you are much loved here and you will get our help without question.

  6. Acy

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    :hug: (As many as you need.)
  7. rootedphoenix

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    :hug: here's another share of as many as you need. I hate it when you ask for stuff you need and people don't take you seriously. :mad:
  8. fromthatshow

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    thanks so much :wub: