What do i have to Do????

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  1. ~Tosh~

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    SERIOUSLY.... what do i have to do to be listened to???? :unsure: im sick of feeling like this, sick of feeling low, sick of resorting to self harm, pills and alcohol :cry:

    When i was at school and asked for help, my connexions worker thought i was attention seeking.... FANTASTIC JUST WHAT I WANTED TO FUCKING KNOW! :cry:

    When i wrote to my GP practically begging for help, he didnt speak to me, only referred me on... To the mental health team...

    The mental health team spoke to me, and thought i was FINE????

    Right now i think that the 2 police officers that came to my house, and listened to me, are the only people who really know how i feel and understand...

    what do i need to do to be heard???

    Do i have to stand on the wrong side of the bridge?
    Do i have to be stood on the edge of a cliff threatening to jump??
    Do i have to be found bleeding to death on the sitting room floor???
    Do i have to be found ODing in my bedroom?????

    I really dont know what to do anymore.. i cant keep living like this or one day i will go too far... :cry: and i am scared... i really am.. and noone is listening to me.... i dont know what to do.... :cry:

    sorry for the rant... :cry:
  2. fromthatshow

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    I know EXACTLY how you feel
  3. aki

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    oh I'm so sorry, that's awful. It must be incredibly frustrating and upsetting. Big :hug:
  4. aoeu

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    Man, this British system is pissing me off. What the hell is going on there?

    "Attention seeking"?? In Canada, you drop into the emergency room [or get a referral from your GP] and they'll do a full psychiatric assessment and offer at least medication and usually psychotherapy.
  5. toomuch

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    Please don't feel alone...there's plenty of ppl on dis forum who want 2 listen, including me
  6. Petal

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    I know exactly how you feel hun, i feel like i have to be hanging from a r*** before someone will listen. heres my opinion on what you should do...

    Tomorrow morning ring your doctor again, make an appointment for ASAP. go in and don't leave until you feel he understands how bad you are feeling. even if you have to go as far as saying you are suicidal ,please do...the worst he can do is admit you to hospital..and that will probably be a good thing :)

    i wish you the best of luck lexi, you are an awesome person and deserve to be heard :)
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  7. ~Tosh~

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    thanks guys ... :cry: it really is getting so frustrating to the point i want to give up all together
  8. perry_mason

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    if you want help, dont give up!
    keep calling, keep going to your doctors (or keep changing them until you find a better one if possible), just dont resort to selfharm.

    i know what its like to be ignored and it sucks.
    i was naturally shy and quiet and i managed to get the courage to try and get help and all i got was a few comments from so called 'friends' trying to dodge the subject while pretending to care and a doctor that just didnt care at all.

    the only answers i get now are in a bottle.