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what do i have? ugh

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i dont know what my problem is.

ill go days without eating, and when i do eat, i eat way too much. i dont throw up, but then i wont eat for a couple more days cuz i feel like shit but then my other problems take over and make me overemotional and i eat my emotions. im confused and dont really know what to do...


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hi, sorry to read you are struggling. my first question would be have you seen a doc and told him/her how you feel? if so, are you on meds...maybe meds is causing the prob....


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Maybe its nonpurging bulimia? A lot of people don't realize that not all bulimics purge. Bulimia is defined by a period of eating a lot in a short period of time (a binge) followed by some sort of compensatory behavior. This behavior can include purging (vomiting/laxatives) or can be over exercising or fasting. For me at least, the binge is about dealing with my emotions (like you're describing) and the compensatory behavior (for me, its purging) is because I feel like shit and need to try to minimize the damage of the binge. Although you're compensatory behavior is different, your emotions throughout the cycles of your eating seem similar to mine.. so that's why i'm suggesting bulimia. But of course, I'm bulimic, so I spend lots of time thinking about bulimia and can be biased.

I really urge you to try to see a therapist or doctor though. Regardless of what ed diagnosis you have, you're definitely having real problems with food, and addressing them could really help your life. In my experience, if left untreated, things like this can get much worse before they get better. You deserve to have treatment :)
I agree, it sounds like you'd meet the criteria for EDNOS. Though I don;t think anyone truly fits in to the little criteria 'tick boxes' set out by the DSM-IV. We are all individuals fighting individual battles.

I'm sorry to hear you've got stuck in this awful pattern *hugs*
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