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What do you do if...

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... you don't have any fight left inside of you. yet people keep telling you to keep trying. what do you do if you are sick of everyday being a struggle, and nothing going right for you. there seems only to be one road to take. but people don't seem to take you seriously when you speak of taking your own life because the emotional pain is too much to live through. what do you do if you are scared of changing; changing to being happy because you know if you are happy you will come down, but if you are down then you can't come down again. what do you do if you want help, but people don't understand and there seems no hope, no one can do anything and you feel so alone in the world; there's nothing to live for.


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I understand that feeling all to well. Honestly when I have days like this (which are way too common for me), I tend to force a smile on my face until Jason leaves for work and then I just spend the afternoon curled up on the couch with my dog.
It may sound simple but for me it helps to know that she needs me and she is very comforting.


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If you think you have no fight left - take a break from the fight.

And people DO take you seriously when you say you want to take your own life. VERY seriously - although - sure - many cannot handle it. That is not our issue - it's their issue!

As for being scared of being happy - sure - I know what you mean. But seriously - ALL happiness is a risk - and so is sitting at home being fed up!

Anyhow - the main thing about depression is that you have a lot of strategies to counter it.

We cannot see that when we have a dark night of the soul.

Some arguments are extremely difficult to win on your own.

If you think about it logically - arguing about whether to die when depressed is like going shopping for clothes when drunk. You think you know what your doing - but if someone was with you - they would actually tell you not to make even that decision - which is hardly life or death.

and yet - here we are - knowing we have depression - and we think we can make the most important decision ever?
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