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What do you do when teachers are bullying you

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by Boratz, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Boratz

    Boratz Well-Known Member

    How you can fight Back?

    Bullies are abusers no matter what age they are, given a higher position
    makes them even more controlling. They use mental warfare & use them
    against the kindest , vulnerable kids. I learn that in our society today is the best color of intimidation of today is psychological. It induces fear & traumatized us spiritualy, mentally & safety. How can you function if you are always in fear? Kids has to be taught how to fire back .

    Kids, there are ways to intimidate back. Usually bullies are cowards. Do not show your waekest points , like you bent out of shape becoz of nasty name calling or foul language. They know how to kill you & inject fear on you.

    You need
    to know their weakest points too. Provoke them into a fight & learn
    some good lessons to defend yourself . Books can be a weapon, hide blades
    inside a charpener, get a book marks that are made of steel & design it that it can be used as a weapon. Under your shoes you can put we called in tennis
    undersole,what it is is a short screws in rows of 3 that when you kick ,these
    pricks can hurt depending on how sharp they are & mKE SURE they are tightly well screwd. Plan the day you will attack back, the day ahead & provoke them. Practice your plan. Go to a sports supplies & look for a tennis shoes. If you got caught, tell them that you are going to training for tennis after school. Most people doesnt know this unless they are knowledgeable about tennis. Or bring a racket with you,lie to them & say I am going to a tennis tournament after school .Bring a couple of balls ,load them with sand to make it heavy to throw & do a black eye. Back them up with magazines about tennis. Lots of people are ignorant about this sports & rarely girls are interested in them. Wear a spandex instead of a regular underwear. Hide some tennis balls in them. I managed to take in with me 6 balls in my spandex when I went to the US Open last year. Tennis balls in the shops during the tournaments are very expensive so I hide them inside. trust me FBI, NYPD ,The USTA tightly security is very highly alert as 127 countries are in there.
    Very low key sports,not popular. Not much people are fond of them.

    Pm me & I will give you more ideas on how to stop it. Words alone do not induce fear , intimidation by words & mean it when you say it, you will be prepared . The words will spread like a wildfire & they will leave you alone.

    I am not advocating violence but when you have to deal with circumstances
    that you have to choice ,your life & theirs, do not [hesitate to make the judgment. And the rest is reasonably become easier.

    I am tired today but anyone who is dealing with a bully there is a solution to win. Your message to get across sometimes needs creativity. In any place look around you & judge what if ,I get assaulted anywhere,in the bathroom or isolated places more often hide things ,grab the tissue holder , take off your shoes & hit the mother fucker with insoles. OOr kick them. Tricl them that you are helpless ,when he check on you grab anything around you .

    I have many many ideas to defend myself. I don't go jogging without a knife in the side of my socks. ready to be grab on. I pick up woods branchess of the trees when my senses is telling me someone is following me. How many women carry knives when they are jogging .

    Next chapter date rape drugs.

    Tell me your situation & I will design a custom made idea to defend yourself.

  2. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I am sorry Boratz, but I do not agree with much of what you are condoning here. You say you don't advocate violence, yet you are providing methods in physically injuring someone. Potentially these injuries could be serious. Exactly who do you think would then tyake the fall? It would not be the bully, but the person retaliating. Is it so different than what you see in reports of school violence? The person bullied person seeks revenge and ends up in worse trouble. Your words in this thread also do not deal with the issues you put in your title. Personally, I hope not many listen to your advice as I don't feel it is very sound. The issue of bullying is a very serious one. We face bullies in all walks of life. Violence is not the answer and neither is retribution. I do agree that bullying needs to be stopped.
  3. Boratz

    Boratz Well-Known Member

    We face bullies in all walks of life. Once you adopt in defending yourself whoever walking in the goddamn road of life will get them from me. Damn right bullying is a fact of life & must be taken as a serious threat in our walking life. I have no mercy to those who instill fear. Did you know that the authorities don't gave a damn until there is a body dying on the ground. You have no idea what bullyng is all about. You assumed that this a VERY seriuos threat & must be stop by all means. Do not instill more confusion to the already damaged children. They need to know survival methods.

    Violence is not the answer and neither is retribution. So what the ways in hell the specicifics ways & means do not gave me those one box fits all kind of mentality answer.

    These is a rhetoric whose life has never have been touch NOT[/B]by life & death situation where every moments counts.

    Look at the last poster on this thread she is on so much despair. They keep saying that but when our children is faced with all kind of abuse & violence they are damaged to the core of the spirit,body,& psychological. Goddamn it . These is a very core of why we are here.

    Violence has to be faced with violence. These bullies are cowards , & they know exactly who are the best prey . The kindest & the most vulnerable kids among their reach. Stop being kind. I do not care whether this is your parents, or Satan , the teacher ,even the dog in your neibor, Or Mr. Jesus.
    I must defend myself inways to get my message across.

    I did not earned these survival action until I was faced with the societal
    most regimented ,most highest people in the United States of Assholes. These Judges who took my son away from me. You have no idea how the pain broke me into pieces. My words did not do me shit nor my jackass ,mother fucker lawyer ,my money to the point of destitution. I don't gave two shits about money but my son who is robbed by a love from her mother. You think I gave a damn if I will be imprisoned to rot there? I have been there,but the principles I hold on dearly about my son is the stregnth of all stregnht. I dont' mean to attack back as words means no bullshit to me ,but you are creating more confusion to our children who are already confused. Enough is enough.

    I spit on the Judge. You can assumed the rest.

    Don't you dare expect me to have mercy to these God peace loving jakcass.

    My chidren, don,t despair as long as death is a fact of life ,greed & power' will be destroyed. We need you, you hear me, the world neede you to better our our lives & the future degenration,we ccannot be all in pity ourselves.
    The future of the human species lies in our hands. Not by goddamn words but by swords & blades.

    The Constitution , years & years bACK will NOT grant us to defend ourselves in our pusrsuit of happiness if there is no reason to. These innocent people ,children in specifics , has been robbed & will be traumatized all their lives ,the trauma is a scarred forever. The ancestors of our land would not grant us these unalienable rigths if they have no idea what they has seen & foreseen the unequality instill in us by the instituionalization of the society of greed & power.

    Our children, my children, as long as death is a fact of life the future of happiness & harmony can be achiveed. We cannot let this bad people conquer us & make the earth their nest. We are not privilege our children of the nest generation lives in fear as we do.
    Charlie Chaplin

    I have been told by many many parents whose children are abducted & get killed not so much about from the streets but from their own homes.
    I do not care who these are abusers are, parents , teachers, God,or the dragon.

    PM me so I don't have to waste my precious time to answer these full of buulshit posters who belived the "non violence crap". If the people of I raq did not gave in & get prepared for the worst,it wont' be as much damaged \the people has to endure.

    I add to you that parents whose children got molested ,raped,died ,mostly in their own homes that I talked to are LOBBYING in the white house to enforce the constitution, to defend our property in pursuit of happiness. Period. I am expecting the attcks from advocates of non violence groups but they cannot provide specifics reason on how To. The Virginia massacre, the Colorado shootings / Oo I can talk forever .

    I will tell you point blank now. Let us put this into a debate so we can be guided with facts not assumptions .I strongly support NRA.

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  4. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    ''PM me so I don't have to waste my precious time to answer these full of bullshit posters who believed the non-violence crap''. - Then why the hell did you bother posting in the first place? If you're gonna put down every single person who doesn't believe in your views, then why post in the first place? Very poor behaviour, in my opinion.

    If you want this thread to be a debate, then I can put it in the Soap Box, but what you do not do, is attack members simply because they've got differing views from you - that way, attack from other members and a chat with the Staff lies.
  5. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    You say that the non violence stance is taken by those who have never been through bullying or been near death because of it. well that is my stance and I have been bullied and near death because of it. I do not wish to post the incidents I have survived through here, but you can rest assured that they were not something easy to live through or deal with. I have been beaten, tortured, been threatened with weapons, etc. Because of this I cannot and will not condone violence. I did not judge you for your stance, merely disagreed with it. Do not assume what people have been through in their lives. I guess a quote that can be applied here is "Do not assume things because when you do it makes an ass out of you and me". I hope and pray that you never have to go through the things I have been through Boratz. And if you have been there, I hope you are able to heal from it as I am still struggling to do so and probably never will.
  6. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Boratz you are blowing smoke out your hind quarters. I have been beaten, pissed on, pushed around, when I was in school we were having race riots at the schools. I've had my face jammed into wall lockers. When I would turn around to fight back, there would be about five or six guys standing there so who do you you pick to fight back with.
    I am no small guy. I'm 6'3" tall and I weight 300 lbs. I have never lost a fight. Then I grew up. Violence doesn't settle anything. I don't know how many times that I have been told you did the right thing because I would turn around and walk away. It wasn't fear, it was more on the lines of not wanting to harm someone.
    You will find that others sort of migrate your direction because you showed them your a good person. So please think before you go off on a tangent again.:chopper:
  7. I usually don't read the Bullying forum, however, I saw that this thread was moved from the Suicide forum to here. The title of this thread, intrigued me. I was expecting this thread to be about bully teachers, not to be about how to attack others in self-defense. Anyways, there is no way to eliminate the issue of bullying, other than bullying prevention. Strictly punishing bullies for their crimes, is a prevention method to stop from future bullying, yet it doesn't eliminate the initial action of bullying. Once the evil has been done, pain already has been inlicted to the victim(s). All there is left to do about bullying, is punishment in hopes that will scare off future actions of bullying. Society generally believes that bullies have low self esteem. Of course, I think that is bullshit! In my opinion, the main reason which causes bullying, is about control and power, not because of low self esteem. Alot of bullies have high self esteem and are extremely arrogant pricks. They seek the independence which they lose when they enter the school system. Before they enter the school system, the only people in control and power over them, are their parents/guardians and the police/military. Yet, when they enter the school system, they have additional authorities to obey, authorities in the school system. As an additional burden, they are forced into social interaction at a very young, independent age. This causes alot of hostility to the bully's independent personality. Therefore, causing them to seek to gain control and power in the simplest way that they can, which is to bully other kids for that control and power, bringing a sense of equality to the bully in contrast with their authorities. Therefore, in my opinion, the simplest, most effective way of reducing the action of bullying, is to stop forced social interaction, promote independence in education, and to make education the priority of schooling, not socialization.
  8. colt45

    colt45 Well-Known Member

    Back when I was held back in 1st grade my teacher called me dumb. it really affected all the way until I was Senior year in high school.

    It was the same for one of my closest friends.
  9. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    This is a tad extreme. Virginia Tech anyone? The best thing you can do is take a form of martial arts that involves joint manipulation so that you can subdue an attacker without doing any permanent damage. The key here is subduing an actual physical attacker, not slicing a bully's throat with a freaking razor blade bookmark. Pssh.
  10. colt45

    colt45 Well-Known Member

    My parents helped me out the best thye could. My dad espiecally. He know what I was going though.
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  11. OutCaste

    OutCaste Well-Known Member

    A lot of teachers bullied/humiliated me from school to college. College didn't matter much because pretty much all teachers were assholes and students were also assholes and it was acceptable to everyone. It was acceptable for "professors" to harass students, make filthy comments to girls and it was acceptable for us students to return the favor. In school, there was this teacher who taught me history for about 7-8 months, and she used to make me kneel down on the floor everyday for the slightest reason or sometimes just to get some sort of kick out of it. imagine how embarassing it was to have all the students looking at you and giggling. i have been called a failure, mediocre, accused of leering at girls in the girls(in front of class of 60-70 students). In highschool, the principal(This dude was really really eccentric) rusticated me just for going to my home during the lunch break( I needed to get some important documents). My mother and father were called by the principal which was pretty silly thing on his part. This was during the period when I was 10-16 years old so you can imagine it was quite harsh. I think the best way is to either complain against higher authorities if the bullying is really too much or you. You can also shut their mouth through good results in exams. Or may be hust ignore it altogether because really, that has always worked for me. Just keep out of harms way because career is more important than what some teachers think of you. A lot of teachers are frustrated(low pay, no respect etc) and thats why they behave this way.
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