What do you do when your life is not worth living?

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What I've been doing:
-Going CBT, DBT and talk therapy
-Taking medications
-Impatient twice for one week each time in the past 5 weeks
-Hanging out with people a few times
-Spending time with my family
-Attempting to build structure (now back to school)
-Using coping skills
-Trying to plan for the future

What is left anyways? At this point giving up seems rational. Based on the past and present, I can assume I will always return to feeling depressed, even after great days. Life is full of disappointments and my life is too hard for me to keep living. I'm pretty much out of options. How long do I have to "hang in there" for? Will things ever really be different. Probably not. Yesterday was awesome. Today sucks. Things will always return to this unbearable emptiness and sadness.


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How long have you been in the therapy?
Therapy is a long and painful process and there's no rushing it.
Hate to say it, but yeah hang in there.
At least you are having some good days.
When the bad days hit, dwell on the good ones and remember this "bad day" will pass.
Trouble with depression, mental illness etc. is there is no easy fix; stick with the therapy and see it to the end.
You need something solid to look at, stare at and hold..

Completing a marathon run is a good method.. Get over to the finishing line, get your finisher medal and use it as a motivational tool to curb your bad days.. Believe me that you will be spending only 20% of your physical strength in the race and 80% of it lies on your mental strength.. It's an easy sport and also a great way to see your achievement at the end of it.. :hug: It's not scrap metal or a piece of metal that you are running for, but priceless lessons and also your own medal of achievement.. :smile:
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