What do you do when your relationship goes downhill...

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    And you feel like its all your fault - What do you do? As many of you may know from some other posts of mine here, my relationship with my husband has many faults. The past few years hes became a bit well asshole like. He yells a lot, cusses a lot, gets irritated easily, and has stopped talking to me about his feelings. It all started around the time our son was born. I think its because our sex life went way downhill. I was injured during our sons birth (nerve damage) so for the longest time sex was 100% out of the question. He wouldnt consider cheating or masterbating. All you men out there know pent up sexuall frustration makes you a lil grumpy. Now that Im starting to heal and sex is sometimes an option its slowly improving. For a few days after we have sex hes closer to his old self (he was my mr wonderful at one point in time). What if its my fault that hes like he is - because I dont have sex with him all that often? What if I have done something else (totally unrelated to sexual matters)? What if my depression, my mood swings, my declining health, my gaining weight, my always asking him to open up to me again, or anything else I do that men dont like has made him this way? Okay I know what your going to say - I shouldnt feel like its my fault because its probably not. But that wont stop me from feeling like it is... What can I do - to feel better about my feeling like its my fault - to get him to open up to me again - to help him morf back into mr wonderful?