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What do you do when....

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When nothing feels right? I've been feeling like I wanna off myself because the people in school don't know me. They see only one third of who I am, and they punish me for it with words, and by stealing my stuff. I could be classified under that category, or under the Gothic Writer/Artist catagory, though I am neither Goth or Emo. I'm just...Me. A conforming non-conformist with short hair, and a passion for art, writing, and saving our planet. They, and this includes some other people outside of school, just don't try to get to know me, and make fun of me and do stuff to me that drives me insane! They really make what I want to do look like a good option...

Help me...


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i'm an artist, i write
My wife is an artist she's a photographer.

Let me tell you something ... people dont understand us and never will. Why because they use a different part of their brain. We are more abstract and that sometime can scared a mathematical mind.

Dont worry it passes with time. In school i used to be a loner, i never had any friends and i was always alone at break looking in my locker for something that was never there. Until my 4th grade of high school. Then i joined a computer recreation time after school. And there i started to make friends.

When your in high school life is black and white but in reality it is many different shades of grey. If you are an artist and want to make social contacts, not necesseraly friends but just to be seen like you are for once, i recommend joinin an art class, any class and soon as you mingle with people that share your passion and are closer to your mentality you will see those social bridges build.

Yes life sucks, thats a constant that will always remain, but nothing sucks all the time and the world is a big place, the sun does shine here and there for moments before being engulfed by the pollution clouds. just try to be where it shines.

I used being a loner as a defense mechanism well in my last grade of highschool i had a "gang" of about 20 close friends which i all met through my passion at the time ... computers.

Being with people that understand you will make you shine trust me, but to meet those people you cant stay home and sulk. Use your time to better your art and at the same time meet people with similar interest. it saved my life.

Today we have a small circle of real friends ... all artist ... we are a weird bunch but we understand each other most of the time ... and the rest of the world ... well ... they are the weirdos and the loosers now. we make plenty of money, we have a family, we have friends. All that because someday i decided i was tired of playing my computer alone in my room and i decided to go play in a dedicated place with people around me.
Thank you...I have...very few friends in my art class. I just...have trust issues. See, things happened to me last year, and afterwards, I was never the same. I don't trust people like I used to. I can't. It's always so hard, but...the more I think about it, the more I realize, you're right. Thank you very much.
I hope you may be able to find a few people here you can trust and share with. Talking things through with someone that understands can sometimes be very beneficial. Welocme to our forum. I am glad you found us. :hug:
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