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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Leiaha, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Leiaha

    Leiaha Well-Known Member

    You have absolutely no purpose left in your life?
    You know for a fact that nothing is going to improve no matter what you do?
    Everyone you know and care for has given up on you?
    You know you wont be missed?

    I only have one answer in my head that won't leave me alone. Its like a compulsion i cant ignore. It wont go away until it is satisfied.

    So, what do you do?
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi Leiaha

    Everyone has a purpose in life. You have to find it.
    Life can always improve if you put in the effort. There must be something you want to do? Go for it!
    You will definitely be missed. You are much loved here on sf and we all care about you and would be very sad if you were gone.
    Please don't give up :hug:
  3. Leiaha

    Leiaha Well-Known Member

    Its different when you just "KNOW" these things tho . . .
  4. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    You can't know them because you said no one cares.I care. No matter how many times you try to make yourself believe you are worthless,unwanted and no one cares, it will still be untrue :hug:
  5. Leiaha

    Leiaha Well-Known Member

    Not 2 me and thats what counts isn't it?
    I dont know.
    Lea x
  6. Leiaha

    Leiaha Well-Known Member

    Just ignore me, thanks lynn :hug:
  7. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Leiaha, I have seen you support many people on these forums in the past few weeks. That must count for something? You are needed,wanted,loved. I hope you will realize that, I'm always here if you need to talk,Lynn x
  8. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    yes it is what counts, but without people to care for you even if you dont think we do, you'll never get a shift in your self worth.

    we care for you and you know we want to help
    somewhere inseide you you know we do

    we are here whenever you need us hun :hug: dont suffer alone. please :cuddle2:
  9. Leiaha

    Leiaha Well-Known Member

    Kind of you to say so :) but, you are kind
    And sweet :hug: Thankyou x
  10. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Hi Leiaha. I'm sorry that people have given up on you, but the only thing that matters is that YOU have not given up on you. You have to find purpose to your existence. No one will do that for you. Maybe try volunteering at a shelter or church or hospital or old age home. Helping people is a great way to give your life some purpose. :hug:
  11. Leiaha

    Leiaha Well-Known Member

    Cant volunteer anywhere. I'd never show up and i hate 2 disappoint people. Not being pessimistic just realistic. I could live another 50 yrs. Do i really want to? I have to be honest and say no, not like this.
    My mental state might get better someday but, my physical state wont, it'll only get worse.
    One thing i have done is to stop taking my insulin since saturday. I'm not just feeling sorry for myself, or attention seeking.
    Thanks everyone for tryin to help, i'm sure i'm getting on your nerves. Up one day, down the next! :rolleyes: i get on my own nerves too lol.
    Lea :hug:
  12. LenaLunacy

    LenaLunacy Well-Known Member

    You don't get on our nerve Leiaha. I'm sorry that things are not so good for you right now but as the old cliche goes, you never know what is right around the corner that might change your life so much for the better. Don't give up now. Hold on a lil bit longer and see what life has to bring. :hug:
  13. Leiaha

    Leiaha Well-Known Member

    Thanks :) i guess i'm really scared that what is around the corner is more of the same or, god forbid, something even worse! X
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