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what do you do when...


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you're not sure you have feelings for someone?
i've known my friend george for about 5 years now and it's been fine, up until recently when i got really drunk and told him how i feel about pretty much everything and how i don't want to live. he tried to make me feel better and was really nice to me, like a friend would be. but since then i've been completely stressing out about telling him all that stuff and worrying what he thinks of me now, and i don't think i'd be like this with an average friend, so i kind of think i have feelings for him and they've sort of crept up on me or something? is that weird? i don't know if i like him or not, but yesterday, we were out together in a big group and i felt really awkward around him, and was acting like i would if i liked someone. i don't know how to tell if i really like him or not, it's SO confusing! i don't want to ruin our friendship and i don't think he likes me like that anyway - but i just hate not knowing.
are there any ways in which you can tell if you like someone? questions to ask myself? things i could do? i'm at a loss here.


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wellll i think it probably has to do with the fact that he tried helping you and showed that he cares when you were down. so now you might glorify him a bit.
maybe your mistaking the romantic feelings with feelings you have for a *friend*

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