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what do you do

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when nothing is ever enough. when you feel like you've failed and you can't even pick yourself up anymore. waht do you do when you feel like there's so much pressure put on you that you are bound to fail. I feel like i can't even breathe at the moment. i feel like someone is stepping on my chest and just pushing with all their strength...i dont feel strong, i feel weak, weak and pathetic. I don't/can't cry b/c it's a sign of weakness and for the sake of me I can't be weak. I just want to give up, and i dont even know why. I just want to stop breathing even though I will hurt so many fuckin people...i hate feeling this way..i hate being lost..i hate being alone...and dont say im not b/c in my mind im alone.
no one has done this to me..its been oncoming for days now...i do well at containing how i feel and lying about how i feel..it's easy to do in todays world...so fuckin easy to say yeah im fine and people simply take it as it is.
hugs are for people who think that'll make things okay...but it won't. i've got a good story....

Got a phone call from my mother..said she was surprised iw as still alive...as to say yes you worthless bitch kill urself now...like handing me the knife wasn't enough why can't she just end it for me too.,
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