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What Do You Do?


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What do you do when the pain just keeps getting worse?
If you are asking for practical advice, you can let yourself feel a bit of anger and do anything related to that emotion, such as screaming out or hitting a sandbag. After this emotional release, take a deep breath and a look at your question. If you don't know what might have worsen your pain, think about what can lessen it.

Or, you can distract yourself with stuffs you enjoy: a favorite dish, a beautiful scenery, a moment with someone you love, a friendly match, etc. Or, you can ask for professional help. This depends on what kind of pain you are experiencing and its severity.

I hope this helps, unless your question is metaphorical and all you need is to be listened. In that case, stay strong.


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Are you talking about physical pain or mental pain? I will assume physical pain. What is your diagnosis? Maybe fibromyalgia. I would work with a doctor to minimize the pain as much as possible. I know some people who have this and I know they have good days and bad days. The key to living like this is to really maximize the good days as much as possible. On the bad days they just stay in bed and don't move more than necessary. There is no rhyme or reason why people get this; it is not from being bad in a past life, it is not from being an evil person.

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