What do you find harder to move on from?

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Which do you find harder to move on from? (Multiple choice)

  1. Losing a friend?

  2. Losing a relative/family member?

  3. Losing your virginity?

  4. Losing a lover?

  5. Losing your pet?

  6. Losing your job?

  7. Losing a girl's number you got from a drunken night at the club?

  8. Losing a SF friend?

  9. Losing your mind?

  10. Others (please specify)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. boo

    boo Well-Known Member

    Poll coming up or something..

    For me it's :

    Losing a relative/family member
    Losing a lover
    Losing your pet
    Losing your job
    Losing a girl's number you got from a drunken night at the club
    Losing a SF friend
    Losing your mind
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  2. No_Life

    No_Life Well-Known Member

    i said losing a pet, my dogs are the only things that have kept me going many times, theyre the things i love most and the only things that have never hurt me and that i would never hurt. i couldent live without a dog in my life.
  3. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    Losing my mind. I know that I'll lose everything, but I know that everything but my mind can be replaced. Friends, pets, lovers, all of it can be replaced one way or another.

    But, one's mind.. That's something else entirely. And it's far, far, far more terrifying. You don't move on from it. It's treatable, if you're lucky with what you get, but not curable (Otherwise you'd not really 'lose' your mind). Just reading about, and observing, senility..
  4. Mystic

    Mystic Well-Known Member

    I havn't got anything to lose.
  5. Borrowed time*

    Borrowed time* Well-Known Member

    My pets.
    It has become harder everytime.
    I dont agree with people when they say you can just replace a pet. They have there own personalities which you get to learn and love. My pets are all i have.
  6. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    My Mind.

    I wonder sometimes whether I had it to begin with.
  7. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    I lost my marriage, my Mum, my long term relationship, my Dad and then my son

    You know my answer Boo....losing a child...
    I don't care if I lose my mind now....
  8. boo

    boo Well-Known Member

    Boo is very sad for IV :( You are such a wonderful person and it pains me such awful things happened to IV.
  9. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    I've only ever lost friends. Usually I move on pretty quickly - I'm the one who chooses to abandon them. :\
  10. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

  11. NotThisLife

    NotThisLife Well-Known Member

    My dog. I have never loved, nor will I ever love, something as much as I loved her. To some she was just a dog, but to me she was the most beautiful creature that ever lived, and to me she was everything.
  12. Daijou

    Daijou Well-Known Member

    Losing a friend?
    -I've lost plenty of friends, so many I don't really have any left, but it's my fault for purposely pushing them away, so I'm used to that.
    Losing a relative/family member?
    -My family isn't very close (only ones I see are my mom and grandma anymore), so losing any of them doesn't hit that close to home. Maybe momentary sadness because I know that's what I'm supposed to feel, but it doesn't last long.
    Losing your virginity?
    -My virginity? It would only hurt if I gave it away to the wrong person, but I believe myself to be smarter than that and wait for the right one.
    Losing your pet?
    -I've lost plenty of pets, but none of them actually belonging to me so much as the family. I suppose when my cat dies it'll hurt, but I'll probably move on quickly.
    Losing your job?
    -I've hardly had much of a job and I'm still young, so there's plenty of time to worry about that.
    Losing a girl's number you got from a drunken night at the club?
    -Don't get drunk much and never really go out to meet people, so this one is highly unlikely to ever happen.
    Losing a SF friend?
    -Don't know if I've made any good friends here yet, but if I do, I hope I never have to experience this one. :(
    Losing your mind?
    -I question my sanity all the time now.. but if I do go crazy at any point, I don't think I'd notice too much that I lost my mind. Might be the easiest on the list to move on from. xD
    Losing a lover?
    -I chose this one because I became unbelievably close with someone not that long ago. I blew it all away because I didn't want to end up hurting her more, and I regret doing that, even though I know she's much better off without me. I hope I can eventually move on from this, but it doesn't look like it'll happen any time soon.
  13. Viro

    Viro Well-Known Member

    My other is "Losing my Morals"
  14. LDA

    LDA Well-Known Member

    Losing your mind, definitely. :)
  15. danicarr

    danicarr Member

    other: losing my hope
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