What do you like about people?

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Crooked Spine

Any little thing will do. What is it that you like about people? Again, make just one little effort to think of what you like, if you can't think of anything at first. Any little thing will do. But it has to be a good thing, or have a good reason why you like it. And then tell WHY.

I'll go first again...I like it that people always have something to say. Because even if I don't want to hear it, it gives me a moment of distraction.

just me

And that's why you love me!

People are good for bringing dogs to the dog park to play with me.

Crooked Spine

i like that people sometimes surprise me...

(yeah, I guess youre right about that love thing...) :rolleyes:


I like it that people have all sorts of emotions since it is interesting to watch that. We would all be robots otherwise and life wouldn't be interesting enough for me to watch, let alone me feel one particular emotion all the time.


I like that some people break off totally from the norm, just to show a simple act of kindness that can really mean the world. They jump right out on a limb, sometimes leaving themselves vulnerable, and it shows that there really are good people in this world :)


I was reading the paper one day and a tiny side article caught my eye. It was only a paragraph or so long and was easy to overlook. The headline read Woman finds severed finger in bowl of Wendy's chili... She found it by biting into it! The writer described the finger as well groomed and thoroughly cooked. That poor woman will have problems for the rest of her life and will probably never eat out again, but at least the finger was HYGIENIC! I thought how typically American this was and laughed my ass off.

Well...This didn't answer your question because it's not what I really like about people but my point was that you can find humor in the most grim situations. The ability to cope is one of the many qualities I admire in others and this is coming from someone who doesn't even like people.

Crooked Spine

wow, these responses. great. even if i had to read about a finger in a bowl of chilli. i cringed on that one. how in the world did it get there? an accident at the factory? and they didnt even get the guy's finger back to him! geez! bizzare. very strange.
come on some more with the good things you like. be playful with it. there has to be something you like. you like when they leave you alone, and don't bother you? i do, when im in that kind of mood that i dont want to be bothered. thats a good thing.

i like it that people can still be nice even when they arent feeling so good.



On a more positive note, I like quirky people. People who as MsElle87 put it "aren't so 2 dimensional".
People are more complex than you give them credit for. I find it hard to believe there are people that vapid, but I could be wrong. I've never been to California.

I also like how people read and respond to my crap. :p
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Crooked Spine

i like that people use words i dont know and i have to look them up. i like to be educated. thats a good thing. i like people that educate me.
I guess there's a lot more I don't like about people...but I love the way everyone rallies together in times of need, and how someone saying or doing just one thing can make all the difference sometimes :)
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