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What do you LIKE about your appearance?


sick and tired of being sick and tired
Been reading some threads here, and though it seems to express itself differently in every person, I also know what it feels like to not like the way I look. Kinda sucks. But I also figure that for most, you have to have at least one physical feature that you like. So here’s a place to remind yourself of that. Don’t be modest, tell us what it is.

One rule: any and all negative comments about yourself are strictly forbidden, and will earn you a stern look of disapproval.

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That includes you dude, so stop being modest and tell us what you like about yourself. :p

I like my eyes, the color and the way they look. I like my hair, the length and color. I like that my hands are always soft because I put lotion on them. :p And I think I look nice when I smile, even though I am self conscious of my teeth.
You could begin Gonz :)
I like this kind of topic. Focus on the positive !
To be honest I don't have anything particular that I like. No one complimented me on anything except uh... *hum*. That's a bit sad.
I think I like that I have strong muscles (doing bouldering!) but they don't show up, so one could think I'm average or even weak. I like that. I don't like showing off


sick and tired of being sick and tired
That includes you dude
You could begin Gonz

I like my eye color. They’re hazel. A brown starburst around the pupil, surrounded by green with little gold flecks. You only see that if you’re very very close though. Like, make-out distance. In which case, why are your eyes even open you weirdo? But they change color depending on the lighting; brown in normal indoor lighting, honey colored in sunlight, and green under bright artificial lights.

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