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What do you LIKE about your appearance?


~ Crazy Cat Lady ~
my eyes used to be blue as a baby but they changed to brown unfortunately :(
Hey I just wanted to say I liked what you said in your post until this part because it made me really sad to think that you think it's "unfortunate" that your eye color changed from blue to brown. The eye color changing when you're a baby happens to a lot of people and I think whatever color people get is not only what they are meant to have, but beautiful. I think there's lots of very beautiful brown eyes in the world, all eyes are unique and beautiful in their own way. It's hard not to notice that blue often gets a lot more attention for being "beautiful" but I think brown eyes are beautiful too for sure :) Just wanted to say that so I hope you will feel better about the eye color you were clearly meant to have & I'm sure it is a very beautiful color :) *hug*hug*hug

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