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  1. Daphna

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    So I recently read a novel called, "the call of the wild."
    I couldn't help but applaud the author in His skill. He truly opened my eyes to how the belief in Darwinism is the problem in this world. I couldn't help but see the error in the belief of chance, and the belief that we can remember things that we couldn't possibly remember through our sub conscience. These beliefs are clearly what's wrong with society in both his and our day.
    My step dad is such a believer, and he claims that we should raise our children tough so that they survive in life. I never really understood until now that he wants me to continue this erroneous belief that every man should only care for himself. That we should isolate and harden our hearts against those considered weaker than ourselves. Because by this teaching; those who aren't strong shouldn't be able to drag the rest of us down. They should be murdered so that the strong can continue to flourish without the weak hindering their progress.
    And it's argued that this belief is established by nature. Should we live uncontrollable lives dictated by animalistic impulses? I would say no. I would say for the most part those who worship nature misunderstand it completely. This logic is not only ludicrous, but it's dangerous. Is it any wonder why we have people predators. Those who show no mercy and who kill for the joy. People who take it upon themselves to weed out the weak from the strong. Who look at themselves as the top dog in this, "dog eat dog," world.
    Sure some can claim there are religious fanatics that have come through history and done the same. I agree that evil men and women used the Bible as a shield for their wickedness, but I know after studying the Bible going on six years now that it doesn't encourage this behavior.
    For those of you who embrace this way of thinking. I have a few questions. Don't you realize that by your own standards you agree that you should die for the quote on quote common good? That you agree that you are weak and worthless to the human race? And if you do own up to truly believing this way. Can't you see that it's destroying any chance that you have to getting better and becoming the person that you were always wanted to be?
    This goes back to the mentality that your are a defective human that has to be constantly poisoned by medication until you die. You are not defective! You are not weak! Instead of allowing this terrible teaching to repress your capabilities. Leave it behind and seek a better belief. One that doesn't label you as the weak link. One that doesn't justify your death.
    Anyways, these are my personal thoughts and feelings on the matter. Thanks for reading. I do apologize before hand if I offend anyone. I am simply trying to understand, and to help you see things the way I see it.
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    the thought came to me this morning - I was going to try to find jimk's thread about what are humans for - but, (for very long reasons which I won't bore you with) I can't be at my computer until Monday - so I will post it here because it fits and answers your post D - at least a little.

    "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience....... We are spiritual beings having a human experience"........... and that does turn everything around perspective-wise.

    Trouble is, most of humanity has lost connection with their Life Source. the word Religion is from the Latin re-ligio meaning to reconnect.

    Once we come to understand this, the world will be a different place and the one God originally intended for it to be. :) It's not rocket science :)
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