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What do you think happens after death?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by in heaven, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. in heaven

    in heaven Well-Known Member

    This being the suicide forum, I'm sure most of us have thought about what comes after death when we weigh if it's better to stay or go...

    What do you believe comes after death?

    Absolute nothingness?
    Heaven and hell?
    becoming a ghost? a wandering/haunting spirit?
    something else?

    Hope it's ok to discuss this since we all probably have thought about it if we have thought about "leaving"
  2. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    I am sure there are all of the above ideas and more... to me - I believe nothing follows- that it is the absolute end and once gone there will be no awareness or follow, just completely over and nothing more and no more possibility for anything than I have already done.....
  3. foundit

    foundit Member

    This reply is a little long and may seem to be off topic at times but it does have point, well its my experience starting with a

    terror of dying which overwhelmed me, to a real and instant removal of the fear of death.
    As a child from the time where i was old enough to start thinking about the concept of death, I was terrrified of it. I went though

    a stage where i couldnt sleep at night because when i went to bed all i could think about, was the terrible dark dread that when i

    died there would be absolute nothing, that i would cease to exist and would be gone, forever. And then i would try and comprehend

    forever and think about that and the idea that when i died then i would not ever 'be' again,..... forever - and how massive that


    It terrified me beyond anything - the idea of hell almost seemed good in comparison - because at least if i were being tortured in

    hell then i would still exist. The thing of course that made it so dark and terrifying was that i knew that there was no escaping

    the fact that one day i would die. And knowing that my parents - the rescue boat for any other problems at that age - that even they

    had no control over the inevitability of death.

    When i became a christian almost 2 years ago, it was a bit different to most people i know of. Usually people are 'converted' by

    friends who convince them to go to a church or scare them with stories of hell if they dont become a christian, etc etc. I am the

    only person I know of (i am sure there are many others - i just havent met them) who had no christian friends at that time, was not

    going to a church, did not have a christian/'religious' family - did not have any people or pressures to become a christian

    I still dont know exactly how it happened, I had no plans to "go all religous" lol, and i felt religon was what people just clung to

    to try and deny the fact that they were going to die and cease to exist one day. As far as i was concerned god was either something

    people made up to help them face death, or if he did exist - he was a sadistic self righteous b--tard with no idea of what it was to

    be human who enjoyed torturing me - why i didnt know.

    People have asked me what made me decide to become a christian - when they ask i can tell they are epxecting to hear some uplifting

    story of where i went to some church a few times, then god called out to me and i was saved while the congregation sang hallelujah


    If not that - then at least a tear jerker tale where my life hit rock bottom due to drug addiction, homelessness or at least 3 or 4

    other devastating events - putting me into a dire situation from which god appeared miraculously and 'lifted me up' and saved me

    from starvation, prison or similar.

    For me there was no church visits and prayer from christian friends followed by my tearful emotional salvation statement, there was

    no crying out from the depth of despair. At the time i became a christian I did not have a single church going friend, I had not been approached by any evangelists, my family were and always h ad been, athiests, and I had not been suddenly gripped by a desire to read the bible or google god....

    Instead... almost from curiousity, - actually i really DONT KNOW to this day WHY - on that night i decided to do it - i dont

    remember having been considering it, or planning it or thinking about it at all. Basically i had no idea i was going to do what i

    did until i did it.
    I was driving to my family and home town on christmas eve almost 2 years ago, and for no reason a thought came into my head - why not do the whole christian thing. Id never come remotely close to considering this before the mere thought of it made me think - no way, no fun. But that night that Christmas eve, it felt almost like i was daring myself and daring god. Almost like if someone says to you DONT THINK ABOUT THE COLOR RED then its all you can think of until you just want to be able to focus on nothing but redto get it out of your system. It was a bit like that with the christian thing. I had no plan to be a christian, i had not researched it, thought about it, prayed about it nothing. But as soon as it entered my mind as this random thought - it was daring me to do it.

    I didnt have any nice set of words to say or think in my head to do it. I only knew ithe main point was to acknowledge jesus dying on the cross and ask him to come into my life, and forgive my sins. I really cant say that at the point i opened my mouth to say it, that i even believed in jesus christ or that he died for me on the cross -terribleas that may sound to some christians, honestly i dont think i really believed in what i was saying.
    Perhaps what i did believe was the dare - that while i didnt believe in god - i was daring him to prove me wrong, and as part of that dare, 'betting'- in that if he surprised me and turned up, Id do what i said i would.

    so while possibly most people pray a more respectful prayer of salvation than this, here is mine

    "Ok god, heres your chance....

    "I hereby officially accept jesus christ as my saviour and ask him to forgive all my sins and come into my life and save me..."(said in an overly formal almost sarcastic tone of voice)

    I really didnt expect anything to happen - well i sort of thought if it might - well it would be like if you have ever gone on some diet and you talk yourself into believing it will be the one that means in a week you will have a washboard stomach. Even though you

    know it isnt going to happen (not in a week anyway lol) you sort of talk yourself up to the point where you semi believe it. But

    all the time, the whole fantasy in your head where this diet makes you skinny, its a fantasy that you thought up yourself - and you know it is yours, because the skinny fantasy you is wearing clothing you like and hanging out with people you know doing stuff you want to be doing....

    Anyway imagine if you were doing that - then in the middle of your own little fantasy where you are super skinny with a 6pack abs -

    some random picture comes to ,mind of you having lost all the weight - but looking totally different than your fantasy doing something totally unexpected in some unexpected way or situation - like some other person just suddenly gatecrashed your little Ï am skinny and hot"fantasy with their own ideas which were just differnt and alien to yours. Different in a way that suddenly your little fantasy for 1, has definately got a 2nd person joined in.

    Thats about the closest i can come to explaining what happened after i made my half-assed 'dare'like statement to become a

    I was blown away when things happened that were clearly NOT of my imagination or expectation, things that were just clearly the thoughts plans and ideas of someone else some other person not me

    I remember thinking 'omg there IS a god..... hey - whos out there?? cos i knew someone was out there doing things" It was the loveliest feeling.

    But anyway more relevant to this topic is other thing that happened at the same time...

    ALL fear of death was gone, just like that. It was not a logical mental thing. I didnt suddenly think anything different

    about death or feel that i had some understanding that meant i didnt need to fear it. I didnt know anything more about death at

    all. I just instantly was completely unafraid. I couldnt explain that and logically i didnt feel at al that i suddenlyt had some

    faith that meant i didnt believe in death. I didnt feel that i suddenly believed or knew anythibng different. But no matter how i

    thoughht about it - i couldnt be scared of death
    The other thing that happened with that was that a depression i had had over me all my life was gone. I have had ups and downs

    since then and had days where i have been down or depressed as we all do. But the hopeless, despairing empty I-want-to-scream-my-

    agony-into-it darkness was gone in that instant and has never returned.

    So what do i think happens after death?

    I dont know exactly. I think whatever happens it will be totally surreal and just today i was wondering whether when i go to heaven

    i will be wandering after a few weeks and still feeling its not quite real and will have to keep saying to myself -omg this is

    I think when i met god it will be scary and amazing and all sorts of other things i have no idea of now, and I am reasonably

    confident there will be skiing, snow boarding, music, technology and much more in heaven. I am also really hopeful that i will be able to fly in heaven (at speed without a plane :)
  4. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    I have thought about all of the above and quite a few in-between, but since I do not believe in god or religion whatsoever (at least not that which is preached fanatically in any of the major factions of the modern age) I have since long ruled out any thought of a heaven or hell and, in a way, also have ruled out absolute nothingness and reincarnation (although reincarnation is a fantastical belief I would be very curious in experiencing) and as far as ghosts and spirits go, well, I try not to speak of that very much because some of my views and beliefs have been regarded with a certain kind of hostility and suspicion, so I am left with very few options regarding 'Afterwards'.
    Anyway, whichever I choose to believe, given my luck, will turn out to be false and what I most hold in contempt will be correct, as the way my luck always runs, so I am more than happy to just sit back and wait for the surprise like everyone else and count my blessings or misfortunes as they come
  5. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    I totally know for sure that when our bodies die, that does not mean the end of our existence. Because, we have things in "our inner parts" that are eternal.

    Otherwise, this life would be all that there is - and no wonder so many think about leaving it and actually do by their own hand when their life turns to custard.

    What we believe is of vital significance in sorting out these issues. It is so comforting to come to the belief that after death there is nothing - but just believing it does not mean it is the truth in actuality. Just believing anything does not make it true. Unless the belief is grounded in proper, objective authority that says it is true.

    This is an area of much confusion, I admit. We have our thoughts on the matter, and then we have our wishes about how we would like it to be - all tied up with the big existential questions that a mind which is already depressed feels are too big and unknowable, too hard, and "there's probably nothing in it for me anyway" - it is easy to think "As life has dealt me these cards, if there is a God, he would probably deal me more of the same" etc. It is easy to get our concept of life muddled with our concept of God.

    I know when I was suicidal I really hoped that there would be nothing after my death. I just wanted oblivion. However, just wanting it was no guarantee that that would be what would happen.

    I found myself in a situation where I knew that the only way out was the way through and the only way through was to experience God AS HE REALLY IS, and not as how I had imagined him to be in the parts of me that were hurting and that had messed up and were confused. The God of Love - I needed to experience him and his love in a real way. I had known because of early training that the Bible says "perfect love casts out fear" and that, in theory, Christ has conquered death and the fear of death.

    But I had not managed to make this a reality in my own life, because of reasons that were psychological in nature - the effects of childhood hurt and deprivation, and the mangling of my concept of reality inherited from my circumstances.

    But God has had infinite mercy upon my soul and eventually I was led to understand how my thinking could be unravelled. I am still on the journey and will be till my body dies of natural causes. It won't be a big deal when that happens, because I know my inner parts live on to experience all that God has revealed.

    I read a post here earlier today that I wish I had replied to - by a young man who has had enough and thinks that Christianity preached to children is a type of abuse. I cannot remember who started the post and can't find it - but I do hope that he might get to read this, because I'd like to tell him how it is possible to overcome our mis-beliefs concerning these very important issues. Circumstances and my emotional inheritance abused my thinking as a child - at a deep level, and I very nearly did not survive the adult consequences of this.

    However, it does not need to be the end of the story hun. I know you're angry ........ but it doesn't need to be the end for you, I really do pray that you will know this - (I will continue looking for your thread ):)
  6. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    I'm not really sure, I just know that I'll finally be at peace and happy.
  7. foreverforgotten

    foreverforgotten Well-Known Member

    Nothing. absence of everything.
    you just dont exist. nothing grand.
  8. BandAid

    BandAid Member

    There is peace and compassion on the other side. It has to be that, something that my own mind created during my attempt, or the large amount of bourbon and medication. I only remember parts of my whole incident as I was quite intoxicated, but this I remember VERY clearly. I was spoken to by a gentleman, not a light or anything "paranormal", but a white-haired gentleman who spoke to me with compassion and disappointed tone. (One of the paramedics said I was speaking of a Moses-looking guy" ) I had driven out to some training area, put all my seats down in the car, and went to work. He was sitting in the back of the car, next to me, when he began speaking. "Steven, this is not the time. Not right now, not just yet." Weirdly, nobody other than my parents called me Steven.

    I post this, knowing that some might laugh at my hallucination, dream, or whatever it was. However, for somebody who was never very religious, although raised Lutheran, I know that there is something on the other side and that life is a lesson. I believe, truly, that each person has a goal or mission in life. I don't think that you can move on to the next lesson, until that goal is met. I believe that we all chose the person we are today, before we were born. So if you end it early, or really mess things up, you have to start over. I guess that would explain the thing we call "deja vu". I no longer fear death or question what happens next. I still have feelings of suicide and want to experience that peace I felt, once more. However, I understand I have not yet completed my lesson and I wonder how many times I've come to this point and traveled off-course.
  9. Lifeisagift

    Lifeisagift Well-Known Member

    Awareness stops, dreams stop, thinking stops. There are no tunnels, nor angels who bring you somewhere, no peace, no white lights. It's just black and empty.
    If people think that committing suicide will bring them peace i pity them because there's no point to stop suffuring if you're unable to enjoy the moment.
    Death is just a sad ending. Not a way of freedom.
  10. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    In the end there is nothing. The only way that you live on after is through people's memories. If you did good in your life, you will be remembered for the good. In addition, you live on through your children, who are a part of you. What you put into their lives, the way they are raised, their morals, their goals, their direction... those are set most of the time by you, the parent. They are a part of you, in every sense, and they are your life after death. There is nothing else.
  11. LowCog

    LowCog Member

    Just thought i'd knock the dust off of an old thread... :bump2:

    I've thought about this topic quite a bit lately. If and when i carry on with my plans, i'm guessing that i'd experience a bright flash and few seconds of severe pain followed by fading into black unconsciousness. Nothing more, and nothing less.

    Not really sure what would happen to my soul?

    Then again, guess it really wouldn't matter at the point because there'd be no turning back...
  12. Theodora

    Theodora Well-Known Member

    Why does it matter? If it's worse than life it's too late to change. If it's better "Wow at last". If death wasthe end - success.
  13. snarrylover

    snarrylover Well-Known Member

    Interesting, and I'm unsure where I stand.

    I wish bad people to go to Hell, and I like to think that the people/pets I've lost are in Heaven. But I don't actually fully believe in God. I believe when I die, the "afterlife" will just be....nothing. Like being asleep without dreaming, or getting knocked out. Complete unawareness.

    But I still believe that my loved ones are in Heaven. Go figure.
  14. iceblue

    iceblue Well-Known Member

    I think it would be nice if there were something more in a spiritual way (but not the Christian heaven and hell), but I'm now very skeptical and think its likely to be nothing. Thinking about it for some reason reminds me of when I gave birth to my son - lots of people had portrayed such a romantic view of the birth but in the event it was the most traumatic and painful event I've ever experienced and I just went into shock for a long time afterwards which led to depression. I guess some people may have easier deaths than others - I just hope that mine is relatively easy.
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