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    What does racism do to some people? Why does race matter so much to some people? I would like you guys to post everything you feel about racism. I don’t care whether it is for racism or against it, just please post. Could you guys also tell me why you are racist if you are? I’m not telling anyone my ethnicity, that doesn’t matter. If you guys could post, it would be most appreciated.

    Lord Byron

    Oh and whatever your ideas on racism, I won’t judge. I just want to know what different people think about this... um situation, deal, problem?? Whatever you want to call it. Thanks again!
  2. The_Discarded

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    (uh...let it all out? right section? :unsure: regardless...)

    To me, if it has not sprung from what they've been taught and what they've grown up with, then it's about power and control. It's about having that sense of superiority that we all long for so much. That longing gets taken out of hand, to the point that it becomes detrimental to the racist individual's judgment.

    It shouldn't. And it doesn't, really. 'Race' has less to do with racism than do experience, intellect and emotions. People hate things that they aren't experienced enough to understand. Many aren't intelligent enough to explore diversity and its benefits. People involve emotions too frequently into practical matters, and become too bent on the strength of feeling to be rational.

    That having been said, racism is different from racial prejudices. Racism is a sort of active racial prejudice, and I think racism is far too dangerous to go unnoticed. Racial prejudices are preconceived notions, they don't tend to leave the thoughts. As soon as they leave the thoughts, they become acts of racism, which is terrible for our society.

    I do believe, however, that racism is fading a bit; falling by the wayside and becoming more of an opposite force that most people fight, instead of condone --though I doubt it'll ever fully die. Prejudices, on the other hand, are sustaining themselves.

    Anyhow, I'm a mixed girl, just like any other. I'm always out to do what I can to see races livin' together peacefully and being like: "I really don't care if your complexion is 3 shades darker/lighter than mine, our brains and hearts are the same color."

    Besides, race makes up only a decimal point percentage of our DNA. We can't even accurately determine it biologically. And any sort of potential "racial differences" make up less than a fifth of our DNA. Race just doesn't biologically exist. Only socially, economically, mentally... but not tangibly. In essence, we CREATED race. Not the physical aspect of it, but otherwise. They are CONCEPTS... that WE created through our need to judge, justify, and categorize. So why are we so fond of shooting its vibrant, diverse beauty down? Really, what inherent difference does race make in reference to who a person is? None at all.

    Peeps need to see that, and stop basing a person's worth off of shallow physical aspects that can be ruined in second's car wreck... or fire.
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  3. Terry

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    Grew up in London so had friends of all races and creeds. Never occured to me to think of them as anything other than friends.
  4. Anonymous Dude

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    I think the real difference isn't race, but where you come from and how you were brought up. There ARE differences between people, but it's mostly cultural. As time goes on people associate different races with that of different cultures (or just stereotypes).

    Blacks with tribal savages

    Whites with land hungry savagery

    Mexicans with lazy marijuana smoking immigrants

    It really depends where you come from and how you were taught. Racism isn't really logical, we're all pretty much similar DNA/etc. wise.

    Even if the majority of say crimes were committed by black people, couldn't you just hate the "thugs"? Realize that not all blacks are gangsters or criminals? But a product of their environment and their surroundings?

    I don't like lazy immigrants, bloodthirsty tribesmen, or rich men who would sell their soul and yours for some cash. But people need to realize race doesn't have much to do with it.
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  5. Entropy

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    Some people feel like they are getting backgrounded...

    Take for example all this hip-hop/rap/reggeton thats around... and the culture that goes along with it... I know not all black/hispanic people like or approve of the sadder sides of it all... But people who can't figure that out or are in situations with worse peer pressure will blame it on RACE instead of an individuals stupidity and environment.

    P.S. not all of that music is bad... but that in the south combined with bible wielding zealots who oppress intelligent people without a second thought autonomously has created... a very racist atmosphere. And the worst of the worst are the people who can't accept that there really ARE exceptions to the rule... and that mostly its the white people here that are stupid and don't stick up for what they believe in in an appropriate way.

    FYI I'm white... male 25 yrs old in FL

    Just try to keep an open mind... and give people who are racist a big wide birth... its like trying to argue with someone who's completely wacked out on cocaine and totally irrational.
  6. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    People are people. Don't understand how people can be so hateful over that. When people are people! bah :dry:
  7. Lady Byron

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    Well, the reason for this post is because I am super pissed. It is in the let it all out section because, one) i want to know what others think, two) some little sixth grader on thursday called me a whore because my "race" supposedly has like 20 kids by the time we are 16. which is a TOTAL lie because 1) i am 16, do i have twenty kids, hell no! i don't even have one. 2) i am still a virgin. which proves that we don't all have twenty kids by the time we are 16. so yeah. that pissed me off.
  8. Lady Byron

    Lady Byron Well-Known Member

    totally true, i'm 16, mexican and trying to make it in a white school where people know i'm mexican, but not even my "race" accepts me and thinks i'm white.
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    Stupidity and nastiness extends beyond the boundaries of race. However I have only ever experienced extremely nasty big black ladies, and asian males. This explains why I dislike them. I quite like black man and asian ladies because my past experiences have been good. It is more difficult for me not to hate all white people because my family are white and therefore I have had at least some good experiences. :laugh:
  10. Raven

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    Only the foolish judge by sex, creed, and color when what truly matters is what in a person’s heart.
  11. ~CazzaAngel~

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    Awww Hun, people just need to get over their ignorances. :eek:hmy: :dry: