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    Well, I am sixteen, and I am current going through a crisis where my sexual orientation is being questioned. But I still beleive in God, and I still think that, and beleive, that the bible is right, minus the whole eing gay is immoral. I might be speaking too soon, but I don't know much about sexual attractivness, it was introduced into my life just a year or two ago. But now leading to my question, when you gay or bi guys out there were a teen, did you hate god for making you what you are? Did you hate him for making you something that people will hate or even kill you for in todays society? Because it seems to me that alot of people my age that are going through this, seems to slowly fall down into depressions, and drink, smoke, cut themselves, ect.. to find peace. But I don't. I still beleive in god, I pray every day, I try not to swear, or say obsinities, and somehow I can push everything into the back of my head, and be just fine. I'm not depressed, I am not sad, I don't take drugs, drink, or do anything bad, and I have almost a 4.0GPA (straight As) in school, and I event ake a freaking advanced math course that three other people in my class of 100 people are taking!

    So my question is, were any of you gay guys out there like that, were you able to cope with it and put it all away, keep it all inside of you. And still manage to have a great time with friends, and get good grades, and beleive in god. Or did you hate god for what he did to you, and stop caring about life, and using substances and other affixiations to find peace.

    Please comment, and sory for the rather lengthy post, and sorry if there are any typos, because I don't really feel like fixing them, I think I am going to have an emmotional breakdown pretty soon. I never cried once for thinking that I might be gay for the rest of my life.
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    Hmm I'm not gonna stuff around in the bushes here, I'll say exactly what I think...

    If you are so "religious" and a worshiper of "god" you would do no such things, just thinking about all thoese "homosexual feelings" is betraying the dear lord! how could u!

    Anyway. Get over it. Rip your head out of the bible, look into yourself, why do people care so much about religion, if it makes their life difficult and un happy?!
    its a loada fucking shit.

    NO it's not a good idea to hold it in, the more you do that the worse thing'll get.
    Be open about your sexuality no matter your religion!
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    Wow...I swear, you sound 100% like a male version of me. If it's all right with you, I'll keep you in my prayers; man, my situation is like identical. Someone on a Christian forum told me something that may help you, so I'll quote her:

    "As for you- know that nothing about the way you were born could ever change God's love for you. He wouldn't have made you the way you are if He was going to turn around and reject you. Remember, you are made in His image- you are a reflection of the God of the universe, of time, of space, of the large things and the miniscule things. If you're bisexual you're bisexual. Nothing you can do about it, except deal with it in a way that God would approve of. Don't try to change yourself- let Him come in and do it for you. And if it's not His will to change you, then ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit and He will tell you what to do. If you fall in love with another girl, so long as she is a Christian, and so long as you can get as close to marriage as is legally possible, and as long as Jesus is the center of your relationship and you have no convictions otherwise, why not love her? That's how I see it anyway. Translate the Bible using the Bible. There is sin but there is also love. Jesus taught us to love.

    Don't kill off any part of yourself. God died for you because He wants you, because He loves you, all of you, every good part, ever flaw, ever doubt, every joyous revelation."

    I almost cried. It helped me, and maybe it will help you.... I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe.