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What do you think?

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I right now am crying and so badly want to die. I have been havin problems getting online, the internet provider says it's not the internet it's the computer and the HP person kept telling me to do things and I am so stupid I had to repeatdly ask over what she sad but anyway. I know that I haven't been being a very good supporter lately, and I whole heartdly apologize, I am so so sorry for not being of any help and wasting time here and space. The question is should I leave SF because of the damage I am causing? lately I haven't had enough energy to reply nor did I know what to say, all I have been doing is whining and bitch and being useless. and I am trying to decide wether to leave this site and no contact with any or not, because I feel all I do is hurt people and ruin the greatness of this site.

If you guys think I am screwing everything up and I should leave, I will.

What do you think? should I leave?? :cry:
BULLSHIT!!!! I cant allow you to leave SF. Espacially not right now, you want to die!! :ohmy: Ofcourse you dont really know what to answer, that can happen when you feel awful or your computer acts evil. You've already have done so much for others, doesnt matter. Glad you're back and maybe I can help you now... Why the hell do you think you're wasting space and time here, I love it when you're around :hug: You're not causing any damage or hurting people here. At least not as far as I know. How do you came to this thoughts? (odd sentence :unsure: ) Carolyn, you're funny, sweet, lovely, caring, amazing, fantastic, cool, awesome and I cant go on and on....
Take care and please stay on SF :hug:

And about the internet problems. You're not stupid, just not that good with computers :tongue: , so what? I think more than 4 miljard people here on this earth don't know how to use a mouse. I probaly would ask someone thousand of questions too.
As far as I've got to know you through your posts, I think you are a great help here and I didn't read any post of yours in which you were whining or being a b***h. I don't know you too well, but I wouldn't want you to leave. :hug:
But it's up to you, maybe you need a break from the site or something :unsure: .
I hope you will do what's best for you. :hug:


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Carolyn hun :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: You can't support while you're in need. Cut yourself some slack here, and take some help and give helping a rest.

No way are you a waste of space, nor are you whining.
Hun we all have lives outside SF, your not letting anyone down by having that, as far as i can see all your doing is letting of steam at thats what SF is for! your fully entitled to that! none of us can be here 24/7, we can't help every single person on here and post to every thread, its not possible.

Carolyn, you're funny, sweet, lovely, caring, amazing, fantastic, cool, awesome and I cant go on and on....
Take care and please stay on SF :hug:
I completely agree with what blubbers said! its 100% true, give your self time, you can't be here all the time, its not possible, live your life, your not letting anyone down hun!


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BULLSHIT!!!! Carolyn, you're funny, sweet, lovely, caring, amazing, fantastic, cool, awesome and I cant go on and on....
Take care and please stay on SF :hug:
I second that motion. Your an incredible person Carolyn, youve been there for me so much...listened to my whining and bitching. I dont get on SF that much now myself, just cause I felt like I needed a little time away...Theres no law saying you have to be here 24/7 Carolyn. Youve helped out everyone so, so much! its impossible to even comprehend it really.

Computers are a pain the a$$..dont worry about it. If you got some technical problems with them..I might be able to help.

Carolyn you know how I feel about you, your an extremely special person to me, and im sure that goes for everyone on the forum.

:hugs: & :kisses:



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Then they should chuck me out as well. Sometimes.. okay .. most of the time .. i am not able to handle this forum. My life can be such a mess and it can be so hard to help and support others. Thats why there are so MANY of us. This way at least a few of us can be active at any one time. LOL

this is a site for hurting people run and managed by hurting people. We make no promises or cures and we do not pretend to be therapists and Dr.'s

We are here to share and help and support each other.. that includes you! I want you to feel safe and able to vent here as much as the newest member. Sometimes I need to vent here!

Keep sharing and don't go. We're here for you.


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You leave SF? No way!!!
I haven't gotten to know you very well, nor really anyone here for that matter, but I can tell your an integral part of SF, it just wouldn't be the same without you, I don't see any harm that you've caused here, you being here has done nothing but good for this forum and it would be a shame to see you go, a lot of people would truly miss you.


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you dont have to post all the time. you still post more than me! you're an important part of SF, and not to mention youre one of my favorite people up here! please dont go, you have nothing to apologize for
:hug: Carolyn .... I totally agree with what Blub has said too :)

You're a great help to people on SF :)
Everyone needs a brreak from SF now and again... everyone's entitled to one :)
You don't need to leave permanently however :) :hug:

Take care



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dear Carolyn :arms:
You would be surprised about the amount of , buddys, mods, sitehelpers(including me :shy: ) etc, that asked here or themselves the same. We feel guilty and failled if we can't reply to posts for a while, we feel so bad we think we could damage instead of help....but like anyone else said, you don't have to , you have to think about yourself too, and if you're not up or don't have the energy to reply posts, you just don't do it.You have been allways here for others, and bearly ask support for yourself, while we would love to be there for you, you are so sweet and caryng it's a pleasure to mean something to someone like you.
Take your time, dear, but don't stay away, reach out whenever you need and feel like, and please let us know how things are going.
Stick with us ok? We love you :)
Hey Carolyn... there isnt much for me left to say... everyone else has already said it... I'm just incredibly slack with reading stuff lately.

in a nutshell:I dont want you to leave... I'd miss seeing ya around here. And with all the replies you've gotten I dont really think anyone else wants you to leave really.




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I agree with what everyone here has said! You have to stay, youve done so much for all of us and wed have this huge empty space if you left ='( please dont go, we love you so much!!
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