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What Do You Want to Be?

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both dead and alive until somebody opens the box
I have several ideas, I guess.

  • Therapist
  • Neurologist
  • Biologist
  • Artist
  • Floral designer
If I end up living to be old enough to get jobs like those, then that's what I hope I'll be able to do. At least one of those.


Well-Known Member
I wouldn't mind being a Gunsmith. But it's probly not very safe if I worked with guns regularly lol
:rofl: Same here. I would like to join a gun club but I think they would ban me for looking down the barrel and smiling like a maniac.

Im working toward the job I want. Hopefully in 6 months or less I will be a qualified scuba diving instructor. I will never get rich from being an instructor but at least I will be happy doing the best job in the world. :smile:


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I'm grown up. When I was young I wanted to build hot rods. I ended up driving a truck. I still want to build hot rods but there's not much of a market for that these days, at least not in this area.
Im kinda in the middle of growing up, but I had this crazy dream of faking the famous Aung San Suu Kyi's death and blame it on the Burmies government to inspire its people to overthrow that (as i would put it) agressive dictatorship :D ....if not, a loving family would be nice too....

Mr Stewart

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I wanted to be a cartoonist. Now I am one. And here I am posting on this forum. :/

The new answer is... some type of winged flying creature.


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Same problem as when i left school i don't know what i want to be. But i think if i was back at school now i would focus my efforts on being a doctor but i would have settled for a pharmacist, i find all that medical stuff intresting. I guess it's to late now.
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