What do you want?

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    I dunno, boredom's still setting in, can't sleep, feel like ranting a little now.
    I just don't know, would somebody tell me what it is you want? What do people expect, what do they want from me? I am pulled in all directions but everywhere is wrong. When will it be right? When do I get to be right? Will I ever love or be loved? Will I ever find one with which loves me for me? Will you? Will I ever be whole again? When does it stop? Where does it end? What makes you tick, will I ever know? Who are you, better yet, who am I?

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    Those question, are so common.

    I can't tell you who you are, that deffinition is written by you, and you alone.. and just a tip, when writting that deffinition, try not to let yourself be influence by what others want.

    When it stops, and where it ends, well only time will tell... You've got to be patient and await this answer.

    I'm sure you will be whole again.. Even if right now it doesn't seem like it... I know how you feel.. As if, maybe there's pieces missing.. The pieces will be repaired love.. You just got to wait.

    Everybody has a somebody. You will be loved for you. Thats the best, and truest kind of love there is!!! I'm sure you will love, and be loved.:smile:

    You've got to keep trying. It'll eventually be right.. And don't try not to worry about others expectations... You be you, and live life like you want to! It's yours to live! Don't let others tell you how to live it.. Then things can go wrong, because they led you down a wrong path, which wasn't meant for you.

    If you ever need to talk, PM me darling<333

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    Sincere love from someone who doesn't use me.

    From my experience, people want a flawless ideal or a dream that doesn't take into account that people are really quite fucked up or can get fucked up and can hurt others intentionally or unintentionally.

    I don't think it'll be right until you step away and refuse to be pulled in directions by everything around. I don't know when it will be right in a world where everything is or can appear very wrong.

    I think to love someone made me feel a lot better but it has also hurt me a lot. I think this is me most of my life anyway. To feel loved, I hope you do. Love isn't simple though because it involves getting involved with people. And people aren't simple...

    I don't think many people find someone like that.

    The feeling of completion? Maybe off and on. Maybe in a dream. I don't know what 'it' is but I don't think anything ends.

    Who are you? Who am I who knows eh? :wink: But thanks for your rant and questions... I feel a lot like you.
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