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    What does it all mean?Is life pointless,and meaningless?As an ex christian,and now agnostic I will try to answer this question.First,I am an agnostic because no one can know if god exist.I do not believe that we have a deep religious reason to be here.We are just here,for the same reason that a tree is here.The age old question,what is the meaning of life?The short answer is,there is no meaning to life.Only if we lived forever on this earth or after we die,we continue to exist.Can we have a purpose in life?Yes.Your purpose can be anything that you want it to be.The best parent,the best friend,the best at your job,the best at your hobby,or giving to charity.But our purpose,like our existence is temporary.Nothing in the universe is permanent,not even the earth.The earth,and the solar system will be destroyed when the sun burns out.Science is the only tool that we have to distinguish fact from fantasy.When religion claims life after death,this must be taken seriously.There is no scientific evidence to support these ideas.Since religions base their entire existence on theory,something as important to us eternal life should have the utmost examination.Science gives us the best method for examining all claims.Religious claims must be subjected to hard questions as any other aspects of living on this earth.No exceptions.So if you propose the existence of something,you must use the scientific method in your defense of its existence.The burden of proof lies on the one making the claim.Everything I do,every goal that I attempt to accomplish,absolutely everything I do in life will mean nothing because I die.Example,A man lived in China a thousand years ago.He would worry about his family,feeding them,keeping a roof over their head,and trying to make ends meet.Where is that man now?And how did his worry change anything?So in the end,there is no meaning to life,and in a hundred years I will be long forgotten,and every trace of me will be gone.Conclusion,with much thought and study in this area,this is what I believe to be true.This too is a theory.Do not worry,love each other while you are here,and most of all be as happy as you can be.Until next time.HAVE A NICE DAY.....

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    DISCLAIMER:I understand that some of my post are controversial.Please remember,what I think is only a theory.I could be wrong.I am not interested in converting people to the way that I think.I have many christian,buddhist,and many other friends at SF.My goal is not to offend anyone,but to share my thoughts.We are all searching for the truth,and I am not afraid to say that I dont know everything.I read religious post too.My apologies to any that I offended.(Written by an extremely depressed person)