What does "One cannot struggle against fate." mean?

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I was in conversation with one of my friends today and he said some interesting remark. He said, "One must bow to one's lot. It is the will of Heaven, one cannot struggle against fate."
At the time, I was preoccupied with something else and didn't ask him what he meant exactly. After constantly thinking about this phrase for a while, I am still not sure what it exactly means. If anyone knows what the phrase means, could you please share your insights? Can you explain using examples if you can?
Thanks in advance for any insights.
I think everyone will have their own interpretations to the phrase, personally i think he meant that life if set out in a certain way, when you were born till the day you die, fate has our lifepathed for us, and if you don't follow that we 'tempted fate', if somethings going to happen to struggle with it. Thats what i think he meant, but we are all different and will all have different interpretations.

take care

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