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What does your suicide note say?

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That is,If you're going to leave one behind.

Mine will say '' I am entirely responsible for my suicide.''
I see no point In reinstating my problems.
Mine would be very lengthy. But it would mainly just say that I'm sorry but I had to make the pain stop. And I would leave everything I own to my brother. :/


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It's a pro life forum and it's not really appropriate to be talking about what you will say as not really inducive to the whole pro-life side of it!

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But suicide notes also show what is really important, what would be the final message someone would want to give to the world, and what is important to them. They can be positive things, because they often crystalise what someone wants in life, rather than just saying goodbye.

I thought the rule only applied to people posting their actual suicide notes on here, rather than just talking about the idea of them (and am rather upset that even if not, for some reason only my reply was deleted).
We aren't actually posting our suicide notes and saying we are going to kill ourselves.. We are just saying what they would be. o.o
But where does that fit in with the pro-life view of the forum?
A lot of what people post don't fit into that. Like people who have just said, "I'm going to kill myself" and then log off or dont respond. This thread is to just say what the notes WOULD be. I understand where you are coming from but I don't think this thread is such a big deal if all people are going to post is what they WOULD be. Not what they ARE.

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The same way that posting 'i feel like killing myself', in its simplest form, does... it's an expression of emotion, of feelings, and by expressing it, it means that others can see it, and people don't have to be alone in those feelings.

In my opinion, almost anything someone can write on here, is preferable to actually doing it (as long as it does not harm others in the process). While someone is still talking, they are not killing themselves, they are not harming themselves, and they are open to other things, even if they are in the depth of despair. By posting what people think they would include in a suicide note (note, very different to actually posting an actual suicide note), people can understand their own, and others, core 'truth', the most important thing that they express, as it's the last thing they want others to know of them... talking about that, and how to gain more from that truth in life, than in death, is pro-life in my opinion.


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I expect this thread to get locked, but I'll participate by saying that I would not leave a note. Nothing I say would be sufficient to communicate my need to do it.


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mine would be long.
it would be an apology and an expression of remorse. people always want to know why and so on. it's pretty obvious why but i'd clarify it a bit.


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I'm not sure if I should reply, since I'm not sure if this thread IS against the rules, and I really really don't want to get banned from SF, even temporarily. :unsure: But I will leave my two cents anyway, since I agree that saying what we feel without actually leaving our notes with intent to attempt is probably good for us. My suicide letter would probably be really long - I would have sections addressed to specific people telling them thank you for things they did for me and apologizing. I want it to be meaningful to each, not just a blanket letter for all the people in my life, and I want them to know they were important to me. I would also include a list of the websites I'm a member of and my passwords with instructions to let them know what happened to me. I'm annoyingly thorough in life, so I expect it would be the same here. :P
i don't currently have a note. i want to live. in the past my note included an apology to my sister and instructions on who she should notify. once i started to feel better i tore it up. i want a fresh start.
A reason why suicide notes are not allowed on here, is because it is idealising the process of killing yourself.
On a pro life forum, it shouldnt be focusing on what will you do before (trying) killing yourself, it should be about looking past killing yourself, and seeing what could happen.
And on those dark days, we cant see past it, and a thread liek this wouldnt help.
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