What drives you to live anther day?

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by Sea Sparkles, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Sea Sparkles

    Sea Sparkles Well-Known Member

    It could be anything; between a loving dog or anther animal or something more motivational.

    Here is my response to my thread:

    Short answer -

    My long-term answer: Support that I've reached out and got- My animals- and mostly my dog.
    Short-term- I love to play guitar & I love to SING.

    Long answer -

    If I feel upset, I bring out my guitar, notpad, recorder.... I make songs. VENT all the anger out on the guitar, and sing my heart out. You might be thinking 'but I don't know how to play guitar' - blogging and making journal entry's help. You could make a video blog, (even if you don't publish it) and just EXPRESS yourself. Let it all out.

    Finding something that motivates or detracts you from the thoughts, I realized is the key.

    Even when my brain lies to me & says things like "you can't just live for other people- YOU can't take it, so that makes ending it all ok" or "my family & friends are better off with me dead & gone from their lives" I KNOW if I give myself permission to just check out of whatever stress & suicidal thought or feeling I have for a moment and detract myself for a moment in time- it DOES pass.

    As hard as it is when I am caught up & overwhelmed by suicidal emotions, I make myself *pause*, just for that moment, and take a minute to clear my mind, taking a walk, reading a book, a shower and a glass of tea.

    If my depression is to the point playing the guitar ect is not motivational for me- I watch a up-beat movie. (depending if I'm just depressed or suicidal.) Sometimes a good sad movie to make you cry and let the emotions out is Okay if you can regain yourself. BUT if your already down, I think you should watch a good humor movie.

    Here are a list of movies that always make me smile:

    - "Rudy"
    - Paulie
    - "Breakfast club"
    - "The Pursuit of Happyness"
    - "Cinderella Man"
    - "Rocky Balboa"s
    - "Braveheart"
    - "Glory"
    - "The Blind Side"
    - "Fish Called Wanda"
    - "Never Been Kissed"
    - "Hitch"
    - "Ace ventura pet detective"
    - "When Harry Met Sally''
    - ''Kentucky Fried Movie''
    - ''Airplane!''
    - ''Planes, Trains and Automobiles''
    - ''Beverly Hills Cop''
    - ''Arthur'' 1980
    - ''Back to the Future'' entire trilogy
    - "Some like It Hot''
    - "Wedding Crashers"
    - "Superbad "
    - "Harold and Kumar"
    - "blazing saddles"
    - 'young frankenstein"
    - "the birdcage"

    Keeping in contact with people is the most important thing- even if it's coming on a chat-room or forums (like this forum) venting, talking .... going on the lighter subjects and detracting yourself communicating with people.

    Not enough you say? No support at home :( ?

    Support groups for depression:

    Google " your state support groups for depression"

    ^ You will find a TON. Meeting other depressed people, and sometimes able to cheer someone up or they cheer you up, can HELP. Someone who knows what your going threw.

    And as I mentioned before my animals are what help me get threw it - no mater what, my dog does not judge me he is always their for me.

    Studies show that dogs help depression:


    People with service dogs FOR depression:


    And for those who are in apartments and aren't 'allowed' something that allows you to bypass the rules with a 'emotional support animal' :


    Tips of things NOT to do:

    - Do not drink or do drugs as it makes you do more harm then good- '
    You will end up REGRETTING . Drugs can make you go into depression/ manic depression because of the withdraw side effects (recreational use drugs)

    - Do not randomly stop taking your anti depressants, even if they aren't working, suddenly stop taking them can make you suicidal . Talk to a doctor before stopping taking them.

    - Do not isolate yourself when your suicidal it makes it 10 times worse.

    Lots of hugs :hug: - please be safe y'all

    Now your turn- please share :)

    Side Note: I want this to be a positive thread, not 'oh, because I have planned on killing myself in x days it keeps me going'
  2. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    Meds. And my books. Meds give me the will and motivation to read my books. Books make me happy when I read them. Without the meds, I have no will to do things I normally enjoy, or the ability to enjoy those things when I try them. Trying to engage in something that once made you happy and getting nothing from it is the cruelest part of depression.
  3. jinn

    jinn Member

    Hope, music, reading, learning about cultures & religions. Mostly, I'm existing because I don't want to cause anymore pain to my family & friends than I already have by cutting myself off from the world. Maybe I need meds? Take clonazepam but stopped the others. I had a cat after my son died & it did help - a lot! But now they're both gone. I'm sorry - didn't mean to be sad. I guess I live for hope.
    Hope that maybe one day I'll want to live again.
  4. Sea Sparkles

    Sea Sparkles Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry things are so bad, I hope you can find encouraging by some posters that might post in this thread or other threads.

    Please be safe-
  5. mark1337

    mark1337 New Member

    Some things that have been driving me forward and out of negative feelings:
    1. the realization that it is more often a feeling of shame, than a feeling of being victim of suffering, that causes the type of depression that makes all fighting spirit go away.
    2. fighting the right enemies.

    To elaborate on no. 1 - and I wonder if others feel this way too (please let me know!) - most of my depression was due to a feeling of shame, not suffering, even though the suffering itself was horrible, somehow the perpetrators made me feel the shame. And it was that which kept me down.

    I did many strange things to get rid of this feeling of shame and repression - mostly forcing myself to a therapy of watching video clips holding opinions that mainstream media consider to be "politically incorrect" or "demonic", and trying actively to resist the tendency to feel shame or fear when watching them. I was very self-destructive when I begun that journey into various videos of strange content, sort of thinking it would be the thing that pushed me over the edge, not caring if I would go mad in every possible way. But in fact, it took me in the exact opposite direction. For every forbidden ideology that I explored, my mind was opened more, and I begun realizing, that things had been hidden from me. Many of the behaviors and ideas that had been claimed demonic, were not demonic at all. Though I begun this journey filled with hate and no hope, as I progressed through it - through EVERY ideology that mankind had ever explored, especially the forbidden ones - I was filled with a weird sense of love. Don't take this as a therapist's advice, I'm just a regular person not certified about anything, but just wanted to say - this is what keeps me going. Finding the truth about everything that is withheld, is exciting. I remember when I first watched movies like Zeitgeist - it was and is still way more thrilling than the feeling of watching a regular Hollywood trailer, because those movies all either have connections to reality - not being pure fantasies like Hollywood - or are reality.

    Elaborating on no. 2, I made friends with many whom I had previously been in conflict with through realizing who were forced into being evil to me against their will. Because understanding more about ideologies and the truth about things, made me realize that tere are evil forces in the world that turn people against each others and that those forces, not the people that fall for them, are the true enemies.

    Through no. 1, I've learnt to recognize the truly evil people, from truly good people, so I can avoid them, and realize the power of boycotting the evil. Others may not follow me in boycotting them, but if I do it proudly, eventually others will follow, and even if they don't, why should I care? Knowing these deep truths from point no. 1, actually allowed me to finally make true friends, who share my own ideology. Actually, no matter what ideology I would have, knowing more about the true enemy and their true weaknesses has finally purified my conscience so that I know I'm fighting for both general good and for myself, and not helping someone who is just a sheep in wolves' clothing. There was an amazing almost magical shift in the purity of my conscience, and end of all shame, when I found the name of my true enemy. I have forgiven myself for fighting the wrong enemy before, and know that much of the information that is forbidden or scary to look at, is actually the one that made me feel good. And above all, through more knowledge about forbidding truths, I realized that the enemy is weaker than I ever thought.
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  6. poisonedresistance

    poisonedresistance Well-Known Member

    the unanswerable questions.
    what are we?
    who are we?
    and why are we here?
  7. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    The truly wonderful and beautiful smile on son's Johnny face
  8. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    Not motivational at all but what drives me?

    I refuse to quit - may win, may lose, may even wish I never played the game - but once I start something I refuse to quit and life is no exception.
  9. carebear32

    carebear32 Well-Known Member

    The one thing that keeps me alive is my cat, Annabel. I've raised her since she was a kitten and she's now just over a year. She's always getting herself into trouble and causing some as the days go by. My previous cat, Abigail died a very tragic death, tore me apart.
  10. paul1990

    paul1990 Active Member

    Parents. Maybe curiosity of what the future in the world will look like (inventions, new music, new movies etc.). None of these two things are always strong enough though.
  11. Black_Rose

    Black_Rose Active Member

    The big thing that keeps me going are the children I help. There are 4 girls that I look after, and I know their mom needs me to be there as much as I can. Whenever I go, they cling to my legs and yell "yobbie don't go!" (they call me yobbie because they can't pronounce Robin). And, sometimes when I leave, the one girl, who is 3, says "I love you" not like yelling or how little kids say I love you to everyone. She's the one person who says it and I believe her.

    I also have a friend who tells me absolutely everything, I give her advice as best I can. She tells me there are only 2 people in the world she can spend tons of time with and not get annoyed, me and our best friend Bryan. The three of us sing and act and gossip about others, and I have to say they are the two main people who keep em going.

    Then, there's my director. I know I'm probably not anyone special to her, but she is the single most amazing woman I have ever met. She's 8 months pregnant with her husband's child, and I just found out her husband sexually assaulted another cast member in our last show. He moved out and if I ever see his face again I will torture him in the most painful way possible. I can only imagine the pain she's going through, that the man she loves is a monster. And I always think if I die, it'll just be another horrible thing to her, and to all my friends for that matter.

    I know my family hardly cares for me, I don't even see them as family now. My friends from theatre are my family, and I like to think they'd be crushed if I died, even though there's that thought in the back of my mind that they all hate me and just pretend to like me.

    And finally, my ex. He's been such a jerk and always talks shit about me. There are two possible outcomes if I die. One, he actually cared about me at some point and gets filled with guilt and regret, which would push him farther into a depression that had fallen on him since high school started. He doesn't deserve any pain, no matter what. Option 2 is that he doesn't care about me, actually hates me, and is glad that I'm no longer around to annoy him. In that case, he wins, and if that is the case, that asshole doesn't deserve to win.

    So that's all that keeps me going. People.
  12. The_Infected

    The_Infected Active Member

    I'm so pathetic. The only reason I'm still living is because of my cat and my guinea pig.
  13. vixies77

    vixies77 Member

    Glad to see others living for their pets. I as well have a kitten that was abandoned..he is only about 3-4 months old now and I am proud of myself from taking him to a shy, terrified kitten to a typical crazy cat attacking boxes and bags and peoples ankles as they walk by ;] Other than that, not hurting my family further after we lost our father only about 4 months ago. I know that they care for me, they just sometimes are afraid of my depression and my being different and may not know how to show it.

    I also want to teach others about true love. There is too much hatred in this world for no reason. I've seen many people who I call friend hate a complete stranger, and my hope is that, on my good days at least, I can lead them to a better life for themselves and others. I think when you feel you can't do much else for yourself, maybe you should give trying to help others a try. :dunno:
  14. Aizy

    Aizy New Member

    Mainly my dog and my parents, but I also see the beauty in nature and it gives me hope that there's something more. I love the sea and the sun and listening to the birds singing. Walking outside on a sunny day with my dog may not be much but it's what drives me to live until the next sunny day, the next laugh with a friend, or the next beautiful sunset or sunrise. The little things matter a lot to me.
  15. Jackie's Strength

    Jackie's Strength Staff Alumni

    Knowing that I've only got one life, so I may as well make the best of it
    Hope, and connected to that the desire to be independent one day and have children
    Music & books... I have a large passion for both
    , and feel like there's so much to experience and discover in these interest areas
    The beauty of nature, especially on a sunny spring or summer day
  16. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    Im here now for my son, my son is the driving force behind almost everything i do
    I am also falling for someone i am dating atm, she is another driving force.
    Basically i have everything i could ever want, god knows how it happened, it certainly took me by surprise!
  17. paulhewson

    paulhewson Well-Known Member

    My fear of Hell, if there is such a thing, keeps me alive. If I die now, I'm certain to go there. Too much damage in my wake.
  18. wdicwg

    wdicwg Member

    Love for the man who has chosen to spend his life with me and my want to not cause him pain, even though I wonder what would make him want to be with someone like me.
  19. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    That's how I feel about the man who likes me. and he is the reason I keep going each day
  20. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    Knowing that I am making a difference in someone's life is a key contributory factor. Although there are times I question whether I'm good enough for them.
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