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  1. Atheist Demon

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    It doesn't matter what race or religion you are. Or anything, what EVERYONE needs...is a friend. According to the bible (Note: I am not a christian) God said that when he saw Adam depressed in the garden. He knew that he had to create him someone to be with him. It says (either in the bible or a minister at a church I use to go to.) said, "THAT NO MAN (OR WOMAN) SHOULD BE LONELY". I just wanted to tell everyone that life is a test. We only can pass if we finish.

    ~Bryant Aaron
  2. Oceans

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    I'm glad you have come to believe that everyone needs at least a friend. To share a laugh or whatever can make all the differences to one's life.

    thank you for sharing your thoughts :)
  3. silent_enigma

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    Yes, a friend.
  4. With all due respect, no one, including Bryant Aaron (whoever the hell he is) is or ever will be in any position to judge when someone's journey is done, or if they will "pass". :rolleyes:

    As for friends, I've had some for a while, some for a mile, some very few and precious so far for a lifetime - yet it was often those inbetween that caused me the most pain - They seemed "sent", but out of their own insecurities, decided that their "jobs" were to be my judges.


    Be wary...
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