what for we love then?

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  1. missdiana86

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    does anybody in general still cares about love? does anybody still need it? value it? people around seem more to be concerned with money, sex, success, career, humiliating others to get some self-esteem and to seem important.nobody seem to need feelings, sincere care.when u say'i love u' they either think it's lies or flattery or think they deserve worshipping and being loved, coz they are so unique and good and stuff...:blink: what for we do feel some feelings towards others? to be humiliated? or to hear 'aww' when u say u love this person?or sometimes nothing in reply at all?! why people suspect u r not sincere or exagirate when u say them about what u feel to them? what the hell is going on with this rotten society?:unsure:
  2. Blackness

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    I don't beleive in love.
    I have never been told I'm loved. Never had love, never will.
    Yes everyone needs it, but for some (like me) we never get love, we just die slowly alive, alone, no love, no one cares.
    All guys want from women is sex, it's a fact.
    People only care about money and quick sex. I mean look st guys, look at their obsessions, they use poeple, people only want money, look at divorce rates now, its terrible.
    The only put others down to rise themselves up.....
    People abuse the words "i love you"
    The true meaning of love is dead :(
    It's sad really.
    People usualy say i love u for atention, sex, money or just to play them.....
    there is NO love anymore
  3. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    I heard this quote once:

    "love is gods way of tricking people into having sex"

    its true. and sick.
    love comes down to procreation, it's just a chemical reaction in the brain.haha
    fuck that
  4. missdiana86

    missdiana86 Active Member

    that's what i was talking about - only sceptics...:blink:
  5. $MyName

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    I hate when I see all the people who only care about things like money, alochol, sex etc It realy pisses me off, but not much you can do about it sadly.

    No one wants to love me either, but that will be their loss from now on :)
  6. missdiana86

    missdiana86 Active Member

    well at least smb still believes in love :unsure: Aussie, welcome here i see y\u r also a new member :unsure:
  7. Puddytat

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    i believe in love, always have and always will. even in my darkest hours when i have truly felt unloved i still held on to the hope of love. im a hopeless romantic. :cloud9:

    sure there are some ppl who use love for personal gains but they will fall short in the end. they will be the ones that love laughs at in the end and i will be there laughing too.

    "dont give up on love and it wont give up on you"
  8. missdiana86

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    thanks for such an optimistic message :patriot:i've been so many times fucked up in this area also that i remind myself this smilie--> :eek:ut: feels like i started losing my belief in love...but i don't want to, i know love doesn't suck :blink: