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OK - I had a peek through the previous pages in this board (and had a good laugh at MDFK and Mike offering to have babies with Robin :rolleyes: :wink: ), but primarily to see when the last time was I had told ya all of how much you all mean to me ... I found it eventually: 25th February! :ohmy: So I figured I'd reiterate it :tongue:

(Link to previous thread called Appreciated is HERE if anyone wants to look at it)

I do love this place :) even when I feel crappy, I still feel good to be here, knowing that I have people around to support me if I need it.

Last night twas a prime example ... everyone in chat was a bit glum, and I was worried about Moonstar and Mal, because they were down also, and I don't like seeing people I care about hurting ... I was feeling down also, and they just both supported me in the great way that they can ....

I just wanna say thank you to you both - this is what great friends are, and what they are for.
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Thanks Joe.....This is a great place! I saw the link clicked on it and left my feelings there......But I love you guys!!! you're wonderful people ans friends! :hug:


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I agree Joe. This is a great place. I have "met" some of my best friends here and i think you guys are awesome.
Awwwww!!!!! *glomps everyone*
(yes, my arms just got about a million feet longer)
*runs around giving out candy canes*
Everyone here is so wonderful... :grouphug: Never change, alright? :biggrin:
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