What gives you the right?

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    I come pleading for help, you turn away. You don't hear from me and just to clear yourself of guilt, you contact me. You knew had badly I was hurting,but you judged and critisized me. I wish I had the capacity to turn myself on and off like you. But I only know how to shut down. I have really shut down this time. So go ahead, do your best (worst?) it really doesn't matter. You have done this for the last time. Because I can't be hurt anymore. I can't be anything anymore. But you will still be you. And you think I'm crazy? With a friend like you who needs enemies? Just once, it would of been nice if you did the listening while I cried the tears instead of always the other way around. Too bad I couldn't tell you this to your face. BOO HOO!
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    Thinking of you, as always
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    I am thinking of you too.
    I am always here if you want to talk.