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what gives?

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Getting a stupid cold or similar. Last few days have been good, and now this? Its so irrelevant and petty, yet frustrating. Tonight, like a sensible thing I head to bed early, to get rest etc. Now... You think I can fall asleep?? Hell no!

Grrrr...... Stupid stuff like this annoys me because it gets to me. Ofc it shouldn't, its sooooo minor in the grand scheme of things.

Ok, one pity party over!!!!


Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense
Agree - colds are very annoying. They slow us down and can really make us feel lousy even if they're generally not "serious" bugs. Feel better soon. :)
Thanks Light.

Anxiety this morning is through the roof. I just wanted someone to talk to for five minutes. Whats wrong with that? Just to try and settle down a bit? I hate this, I feel like a complete pile of $***. I can only give so much of myself. I really try, I swear it. This obviously says a lot about me. Great - thanks so much for helping me to feel better about myself once again. Its truly appreciated to have ones emotions played with over and over. :bash:

Am I being slightly inappropriate? Absolutely! And I DON'T CARE.

:zipped: Thank you, have a nice day.

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