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What hallucinations do my fellow Bipolar sufferers have?

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Just wondering, and thought it would be interesting. I find that I hallucinate mainly when I'm manic, although I am very paranoid when I'm depressed. When I'm manic (as I am now) I see things out of the corner of my eye and see things moving. I also see auras around things and occasionally have heard things. What do you experience?


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I see things in the corner of my eye too and hear things. Never like a hard core hallucination but I can hear things coming from a different room or what I call ghost images only auditory. I hear phones ringing when there are none especially if it has rung a short time ago. Very annoying. I have to keep my phone in my pocket and feel for vibrations.
I saw triangles on my wall. I drew them on the wall, and was convinced there were cameras in the points of the triangles.

I also saw the shadows and things move too. also light patterns almost 'dancing' around in the air.


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Usually when I think of hallucinations (one reason I wondered at first if I was manic or bipolar because mine were never so vivid), but most people I have spoken to have said that their hallucinations are often out of the corner of their eye. Ive had a couple of full blown hallucinations but their never usually that vivid. I always dread going to bed, as I always think there are things/people in the room with me in the dark too. I absolutely DREAD it. I could never live alone for this reason.
1 of my ones i had, was i was just sitting in the living room of my house, and i thought i could see this man in the corner by the door. he was wearing this suit, and it lookedl ike he was going to a bisness confrence. anyway, i walked to the door to check, and nothing was there- was really scary

another time i could hear gunshots, and i could see this woman shaking near the door- she was screaming at me not to let anyone shoot at her anymore
I've had both marked and unmarked police cars following me, tracking me via my mobile phone, which met its death at the sole of my foot. It made me extremely anxious and irritated.

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i heard John Lennon talking to me once, but auditory stuff is rare for me, I do see things crawling, out of the corner of my eye (looks lie its quite common) they start out tiny like mites but the more stressed or high - unfortunately i get grumpy and agressive rather than funny and creative- then they grow to mice, rats, cats and ultimately like the thing in the Grudge- bit scary but I have to remind myself its just a vision. They are always black, and sometimes more like a badly drawn sketch.

glad im not alone.
I used to hear classical music in every bathroom as soon as i entered. it was unnerving at first but eventually i felt very posh while using teh toilet haha (if you cant laugh?)
I used to hear the voice of an older man, id say 40yrs old ish, shouting abuse at me, calling me degrading names, insulting me. that was stressful.
I hear people calling my name when im in shops - i still hear this.

I saw, triangles on my bedroom walls, i drew them on teh wall, and thought there were cameras in each point of the triangles. there were also 21 of the, which when devided by 7 equals 3. there are 3 points in a triangle and 3 sides to trangles too. which freaked me out also.

also flickering lights and shadows.

I also see the army when i go outside, everytime, and they are actually there, but it unnerves me taht theyre there everytime i go out.


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Auditory stuff is rare for me too. Although I have heard odd things now and again. The worst is whispering. I know it's not real but it's so creepy. Not like real words or anything though


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I have three major recurring hallucinations, to the extent where I've named them, and depending on what I'm doing I occasionally get flashes of other stuff too.

I get the sand, which starts off as an itching in my eyes and then progresses to everything getting sandy (hence the name) and then if it's really bad then I start to see sand pouring out of people's mouths and eyes.

I get the dark patches, where the colour seems to seep out of the world until it's like really dull or monochrome, then fuzzy dark patches form in the air annd start growing. If this one goes on for long enough then the D=dark patches grow these big leering faces and move around like a column of smoke and loom over me, at which point I generally shut my eyes and whimper for a while.

lastly my most common is a something I like to call The Auditors of the Universe (terry pratchett reference) which is just grim faced men in dull coloured suits, like accountants or auditors, just standing around, watching, mainly watching me, often I see them out of the corner of my eye and they hide when I look for them. Sometimes they're taking notes on clipboards. If theres more than one close together then I sometimes hear them whispering about numbers and controls and filing systems and organisation and once or twice about what to have for lunch.
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