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What happened to some people here?

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Hi, this is Hank. Sorry for the long period of absence. A lot has been going on recently, mostly bad. I keep struggling with my addiction despite trying whatever I can. I didn't give up though and will keep fighting. Hope you guys r doing well in whatever battle u may be engaged in.
I still come to chat room occassionally, at least once a week. One thing I noticed is that some people that I used to see regularly have dissapeared. People like roewanne, removingthemask, saj seem to have disappeared or out of my sight.
Does anyone know whatever happened to them? Are they all right? Did they just decide to leave the SF?
Thanks in advance for any feedbacks.


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hi Hank...just to let you know i missed you...I was away for a week myself, but I am back in town, so please PM me if you would like...sorry that I do not have any feedback on those ppl...ttys, Jackie


hey - I am still here :) I spoke to you about a week ago Jackie :hug: ! Nicesinging and Jackie - hope you are both ok :D

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