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What happens if I make that call?

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by lostgirl88, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. lostgirl88

    lostgirl88 Member

    I don't think I am in what I would call a full blown crisis at this moment but I have been on that "metaphorical" ledge more than once and didn't make the call a few weeks ago, I'm still here but I feel like a pressure cooker on which the release valve has broken. I know an inevitable explosion is barreling down the tracks at me rather fast. So, if I make that call to a crisis hotline, my therapist, what will happen? Will the police be called? Will my number be traced? Will it go out on the police radio am I going to get arrested? Hospitalized? I hate the unknown almost as much as I hate my life right now

    Are they going to track me down from my posts here?
  2. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    Nobody will track you down from posts on here lostgirl88 . If you need help and have been this on edge for this long I woul drecomend you do call the crisis line. As to what they will do I cannot say for certain. They will make a determination of your risk and then alert others or not based upon thta determination/ If you tell them you are going to hurt yourself for certain and that you have means and a plan they very likely will call authorities to get you help.

    I might point out that it sounds like you have been very unhappy for weeks now so it may be time for that type of intervention to get the help to possibly start turning things around for you and if you call and then intentionally downplay or lie how you are feeling or what is going then the help they give will not be very effective since it will not be addressing your situation. It sounds like things are pretty bad for you right now so there is not a lot of downside to getting the help....

    Take Care and Be Safe


    - If you do not call them for help then at least keep talking to us and let us know what is happening that has gotten things so bad?
  3. lostgirl88

    lostgirl88 Member

    Thank you jump! things have been spiraling for a while! I am afraid to hold on to the positives for fear that they are simply delusions I have created just to hold on.
  4. Peter 3

    Peter 3 Member

    Call them, but if you are concerned about being traced, do it from a public phone, not from home - you don't have to tell them who you are. Then you can decide whether you feel comfortable enough with them to open up more. You are right to be cautious; I'm the same. So think about how much you want to tell them, and then make the call.
  5. lostgirl88

    lostgirl88 Member

    There aren't a lot of public phones available and if there were any they most likely would be just that a public phone not somewhere I would talk about the issues that are bothering me.
  6. Peter 3

    Peter 3 Member

    In some countries you can add a prefix to the number you are calling to prevent your own number from showing up, although law enforcement agencies and others can easily bypass that. Also, depending on which country you are in, you may be able to buy a cheap cell phone on an anonymous "pay & go" basis. The location you are calling from may still be traceable up to a point, but it is unlikely that those running a crisis hotline would have direct access to that facility. Neither method is foolproof, so you have to decide whether it is worth taking the chance.

    But remember, the people who work on those hotlines are not your enemies. They just want to help you. So one way or another, I think you should make the call.
  7. demuredawn

    demuredawn Well-Known Member


    what nyj is true... if you downplay what you are feeling you are not goign to get the help you need....

    but also....

    if you try to hide your location/identity for fear of getting that help, then they can't give you help even if you don't downplay it, so you are defeating the purpose...

    now i can say i understand your fear and misgivings about calling a hotline or therapist or etc... i have hang ups about it myself... but if you are going to do it, (and it sounds like it may be beneficial for you to do so in this case) then do it with honesty ... b/c if you don't you are only letting yourself down, and shouldn't u be your biggest advocate?
  8. lostgirl88

    lostgirl88 Member

    I should be my own biggest advocate, but the reality is my self loathing and self hatred make it much easier for me to be on the side of those indicting me for the crime of living, the death penalty though relatively quick in many cases, would in fact free up so many from the aftermath of living with this self acknowledged criminal guilty of ruining what could have been a happy family I I had never existed.
  9. demuredawn

    demuredawn Well-Known Member

    i think most of us can relate to self loathing... i know i can, i have it all the time.. thats why i wage a constant war.... part of me believes i need to be my own best advocate, other part of me believes i dont deserve anyone, not even myself.... you have to constantly search for reasons to beleive you deserve an advocate.. and when u feel ur resolve weakening on that, then find ways to validate all those reasons that you deserve it.... thats the only advice i can give you on that
  10. mpang123

    mpang123 Well-Known Member

    I don't get relief when I talk to the crisis hotline, but if I'm really desperate after using all my other coping skills, I might call them. They're my last resort but I know they will always be there if nothing else works.
  11. lostgirl88

    lostgirl88 Member

    It was sad to me this evening, rather than call a crisis line and risk having them send police and fire and EMS to my I I walked into the ER and stated I was in crisis, I had not been drinking alcohol, I was not stoned out on medications that I don't have legal prescriptions for and I wasn't stoned anyhow, I stated that I had been building up to this point for over a week while out of town visiting and taking care of an ailing mother who is 70 and grandmother who is 98. I asked for something to relieve my symptoms which include a stabbing headache for 8 days, water retention and difficulty walking as it feels as though every step is across the pointiest rocks. A sudden history of sleeping way more than is appropriate like 18-20 hours a day. The. Ruse told me to lie down and when the doctor was caught up with her patients she would see me. It was a small hospital there were only two other patients both babies. I listened to here deal with them, then take a personal call from her child then sit down and carry on a conversation for 20 min with the nurses about young teenage love and what her daughter got her boyfriend for Christmas

    Then this loving caring concerned doctor told me that there was nothing she could do for me. That she knew I was in the Er for my fix of pain meds and that she was not going to give them to me.my options were a $200 Tylenol and a referral to see my primary doctor during his walk in hours this week or nothing. I wanted to cry, I wanted a doctor or nurse that I could tell very quietly how close I had come to driving head on into another vehicle earlier that evening and the only that stopped me was realizing my son was with me. So instead of a crisis line, instead of assistance at the local hospital I am where I shouldn't be, at home waiting for my therapist to hopefully get my message sitting here with a couple of bottles of wine and more assorted pill bottles than I know what they are all intended for.
  12. OldGuy

    OldGuy Active Member

    Let us know what state you are in and someone here can help you with your state's legal obligation to someone who is a danger to them-self or someone else (i.e., you son). All 50 states have legislation requiring persons who are a danger to themselves or others to be evaluated by a psychiatric professional (general doctors do not meet this criteria).

    If you are in crisis calling 911. It is not a risk unless you want to risk living. I understand the indignity of have the police, firetrucks, and ambulance with flashing red lights role-up in front you your house and being take away on a gurney. I had that happen to me more that a few times. While I hate the circus atmosphere it creates It has kept me alive.

    Calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) is another option if you need support but are worried about the 911 response.

    By the way the staff at the hospital sound like complete jerks. All mental health issues are as important and legitimates as any physical health issue.
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