What happens if you get put on anti depressants but are not depressed?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by downunder, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. downunder

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    The psych I see is not sure whether I am depressed or grieving, was wondering what happens if you are put on anti depressants but are not depressed??
  2. Ignored

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    They probably won't help! They work by dealing with the chemical changes in your brain, such as lack of seretonin, but whether this is caused by grieving is highly debatable. If you don't have these chemical imbalances they won't help. They shouldn't harm either, exept for the obligatory side effects I'd have thought, but then I'm not a doctor and some anti-d's have been shown to increase suicidality.
  3. plates

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    You'll get side effects if your body reacts to them in that way...

    But I'm not surprised your doc put you on ADs. My mother is always getting doctors doing that for her muscle and back pains. I'd be careful going on anything as you might get withdrawals and might make your current state worse.

    On the other hand there is a chance they might help you never know. Personally they made me a lot worse and I felt more dangerous, numb, and was ODing a lot on them because of the numbness as well as feeling like I was getting no help from anywhere. Taking any kind of drug is a bit of an experiment. You know how you're feeling is a reaction to a life event which makes the job for doctors who are drug orientated and want to limit their scope to 'chemical imbalances', rather than life experiences, much more difficult .
  4. downunder

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    The psych hasn't put me on them yet and she knows I have suicidal ideas. I will be researching anything she prescribes before taking them.
  5. yanke

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    Ok, many times depression meds are also used for anxiety. You have to learn how to keep yourself calm, and redirect your energy, in order to "rewire" you brain chemicals so you can be in control of your emotions, feelings, and not have to take the medication. Going to a GP, all they will do is give you meds, you need counselling to teach you how to maintain your stability, and meditation, even if it's just breathing exercises to a yoga disc or the like, will help you immensely, and you won't have to worry about the meds or the side effects. Doctors like a GP only treat superficially, you will need the assistance of someone who specialises in anxiety control to get it stable and not needs meds any longer.