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What Happens When Someone Dies?

How many times have you heard it said that nobody has ever come back from the dead? To my mind, this is simply not true. Most of us have passed over into the valley of death and returned from it on numerous occasions. The problem is that, in our present existence as earthlings, we have no conscious recall of what happened to us. To find out more, to whom can we turn? First to the Angels. The Angelic hierarchy is in charge of us and our world and has always communicated with us through groups of guides and helpers who dwell in our other world, that of spirit. There are many of these groups and White Eagle is one of them.

Each group is headed by a highly evolved Master soul. Under their guidance and protection I am about to share with you something from a White Eagle teaching that appeared in Stella Polaris October/November 2013 under the heading ‘What the Saints Give Up’. By capturing its essence and adding my own intuitive understanding, I hope that together we may be able to shed some light into this shadowy corner of our existence. Here is what they would like to tell you through me:

At the moment you pass from the physical plane of life you move for a time into the inner world. When we, your guides and helpers in the world of light, speak to you of an inner world, forget about thinking of this as a state of annihilation or pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. The inner world is one of light and enfoldment, for taking stock and seeing your own soul from God’s perspective. Those who have arrived in the inner world find that their bodies, surroundings and all the things that are there manifest themselves in forms that are as solid and real as those in the physical world. We want to make it quite clear to you that ours is a living world that has nothing in common with a valley of death. It is vibrant and teeming with life that you cannot see during your times on the Earth plane.

The only difference between your present world and the inner one is that, when a soul enters the latter, one of the layers of perception, known as the veil of consciousness, is removed. This is a shield that acts like a bandage or blindfold during your stays on the Earth plane. Once again you become aware of God’s true nature and your own as a being of light, who has all Eternity in which to grow and evolve through learning and exploring life on all its levels. There is no judgement day, merely a time for taking stock, when you yourself with the help of the ministering Angels assess your most recent lifetime and all previous ones. Knowing who you truly are, you are bound to have some regrets about missed opportunities to express your true nature. In your sadness about not having been kinder, more loving and tolerant towards all life, you promise yourself to do better as soon as new occasions for doing so arise.

New hope rises in you when the Angels explain to you the things that are of real importance. In a gentle and merciful manner they draw your attention to the things you are meant to learn from every one of your appearance on the Earth. When you have sufficiently absorbed these lessons, there follows a period of resting in the state of Heaven, which means in perfect happiness and bliss. As time does not exist on the inner level, we would give a wrong impression by saying that a soul remains there for a hundred, three hundred or maybe even a thousand years in Earth time before reincarnating, if it is going to reappear on the Earth plane at all. Because in our world there is no time as you understand it in earthly terms, we find it impossible to explain the idea of Eternity to you.

Time and space are part of the illusions that exist only in humankind’s earthly mind with its purely logical and rational thinking capability. You can easily verify the truth of this in your meditations, for example by imagining yourself ten thousand years or so back and asking your Highest Self to help you relive one of those lifetimes. Memories of experiences that once helped your soul to grow remain the property of your consciousness forever and can be lived again at will. As on the higher and highest levels of life time does not exist, everything that ever happened to you and your present world did so in the vastness of the Eternal now.

Whether you can grasp these concepts depends on the level of your present awareness of God’s true nature and your own, as well as the purpose of your existences on the Earth plane. If you think of God as the ultimate and highest level of life and meditate on this, the power of your thoughts lifts you into the heights. Rising into the light at the apex of the spiritual mountain of life, you are bathed in God’s Eternal power and glory. Knowing that you are in God and God is in you, you become aware that on this level past, future, heights or depths do not exist. A feeling of warmth, harmony and love begins to fill your heart and flows from there through every cell of your being, soothing and healing all of them. Wherever some cells are in need of it, they are restored to normal and healthy functioning. This kind of meditation takes you into the dimension of supreme or cosmic consciousness of which many of the scientists of your world to this day believe that it does not exist. They too will understand in due course.
* * *


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Thanks for posting that Aquarius - I have often thought that ghosts are people who have died but have yet to leave the earthly realm on their journey to the after-life - in this state they are still reachable by people who have the ability to communicate with them; mediums we call these communicators - Another conflicting theory I have is that ghosts are not actually people who have died but they are time travellers from our future - The reason I see this as a feasable theory is the Grandfather parodox: If you were to go back in time & accidentally kill your great great great great grandfather you then could not be born & therefore you could not have gone back in time & killed him - The Grandfather Parodox - so the ghost theory would fit into that because as a ghost you would be unable to interact in the past enviroment you are now in & thus you wont be able to change history/ break the space time continuum; unless you are a poltergeist of course --- anyway Aquarius just a few thoughts on the after death topic ---- I still believe when we die that is not the end of it as if it is why do we have conscious thought? It would then all be for nothing


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if you read Ian's testimony, how can anyone say it's a fake? Also - "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander - he is a neuroscientist who worked with people having after-death experiences which he didn't allow to affect him - until he contracted raging meningitis and went to a different place - he's written his experience for others, especially the medical authorities who should be taking this far more seriously than just putting it in the subjective/relative category.


Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, I am not denying that such things are possible but the evidence for its truth is not yet sufficient for me to believe that it is the best answer. So far as our understanding is of the world no one come’s back from brain death, that is the point that as far as current science can claim to be the final point of death. I have seen no one that has come back from that.

The mind going through trauma can generate some very specific sensory perceptions, take near death experiences for one, they seemed for a good many people that was true evidence for the life after death, however when we started strapping pilots into a centrifuge a strange thing happened, some reported the same NDE experiences.

What I am arguing for here is the null hypotheses, that without proof in the case of IAN what is more probable, that mind undergoing extreme stress from drugs, infection gave a very good hallucination or that indeed they were spirited away to another existence? All of the people who report such things have a working mind.


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From memory Corvuise (thanks for fixing the site, btw!) - (I read Proof of Heaven about 8 months ago) - I believe Eben did actually die. I'm not sure how much of his book is Google-able - but I am sure he wrote that he was officially brain-dead (I do stand to be corrected if I'm wrong)
Thanks for posting that Aquarius - I have often thought that ghosts are people who have died but have yet to leave the earthly realm on their journey to the after-life - in this state they are still reachable by people who have the ability to communicate with them; mediums we call these communicators - Another conflicting theory I have is that ghosts are not actually people who have died but they are time travellers from our future - The reason I see this as a feasable theory is the Grandfather parodox: If you were to go back in time & accidentally kill your great great great great grandfather you then could not be born & therefore you could not have gone back in time & killed him - The Grandfather Parodox - so the ghost theory would fit into that because as a ghost you would be unable to interact in the past enviroment you are now in & thus you wont be able to change history/ break the space time continuum; unless you are a poltergeist of course --- anyway Aquarius just a few thoughts on the after death topic ---- I still believe when we die that is not the end of it as if it is why do we have conscious thought? It would then all be for nothing
Thank you, dear Twocky, for sharing some of your insights and observations with us. To me, the matter looks as follows:
We Are Our Own Ancestors And Descendants

There has always been much pious talk about the need for leaving our world in a fit state for our children and children’s children. As always, there is more to this issue than meets the eye. Yes, it is the highest time that we all get our act together and do our share of creating a better and more peaceful world for all, I couldn’t agree more. However, this is necessary not only for those who come through us and behind us, but also for ourselves. Let me explain.

As you may know by now, I do not share the view that life is a one-off thing. I do believe – nay, more than that, I know – that each one of us has been before, not just once or twice but a great many times. Until our earthly education is complete and we have spiritually sufficiently matured, we shall come again, however many more lifetimes this may require. Clearly, this means that we have been our own ancestors and that one lifetime after another we have returned as our own descendants. Isn’t it amazing to think that we have all been our own parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so forth, and that one day we shall be our own children?

The person we are at present is the result of that which has grown and evolved from the seed we were at the moment of our creation, when our spirit first came forth from the heart-mind of God. Should our education demand further lifetimes on the Earth plane, we shall be appearing as the offspring of the one we presently are. The realisation that any improvements we make in us and our world are in fact for none other than ourselves, surely highlights the necessity for working on finding satisfactory resolutions for any issues that may still be facing us.

That undoubtedly is the reason why, at this very special time of Earth’s transformation and the homecoming of humankind, our soul’s urge to help our earthly self to reconnect with our inner roots is getting ever stronger in all of us. In truth, this is meant to take us back into the full awareness of our oneness with God and all life. Misinterpreting their soul’s promptings, maybe because they are still unaware that there is such a thing as a soul and an inner home, many at present insist on going in search of their earthly roots. However, in my view, there is little point in the ordinary type of genealogical research for those who already are on the pathway which eventually every soul must walk up the spiritual mountain, to find its way home.

As we reincarnate in groups, especially as far as families are concerned, I would love to know where I spent my previous lifetimes, maybe at least the last ten or twenty or so. I believe that the closer we come to the final release from gathering experiences on the Earth, the more the likelihood must increase that, to widen our horizons, from time to time we come through different family groups from the one of our present lifetime. Just think! Because we have been our own ancestor, in some of our lifetimes we ourselves could either have been the eminent or the ill-fated and unfortunate one.

Let’s consider this before shedding some crocodile tears and feeling our heart melt with compassion for some distant forebear, or alternatively allowing our ego to swell with pride for having come through such an illustrious line. Whatever our reactions may be, there is every reason to rejoice and be thankful to the Universe for all our experiences. There surely have been and always will be for every soul occasions for sometimes needing wretchedly difficult lifetimes, but it is good to know that balance will always have been and will be created through blissfully happy and successful ones, too.

Recommended Reading:



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I believe in life after death, but I also believe life is a gift. I believe we can forfeit this gift. I believe there are certain requirements to be able to have life after death.
I believe people can come back from being dead, but I believe it's like waking from a dreamless sleep. I believe this power is only granted by one source through certain chosen people.

I believe angels can talk to people, but they share the same message. I also believe there are two types of angels and the ones that give messages contrary to the others are not good angels.

I believe fallen rebellious angels rule this world and that they are being worshipped. I believe they have been worshipped all throughout history.
These are my personal beliefs and feelings on the subject since we are all sharing.



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Scripture does actually say what happens concerning life and death - it's our choice whether or not we want to believe it, and then trust its truth. The bottom line is that what it has to say is extremely comforting and fear-ridding, and I choose to believe it, with gratitude to God for making it all possible. And the best thing about it all is that we don't get there by any or all of our good behaviour - that would be too uncertain a thing to be able to bank on.
I am the I AM, the Universal Christ, the only born Son of the great Father/Mother of all life. I am the spiritual Sun beyond and behind the Sun in the sky above you. I am the brightest Light and the highest Star in the whole of Creation. You, the whole human race, are My chosen people and I am your God. I am the source of all wisdom, knowledge and truth. My laws decree that everything must return to its source and because you once went forth from My loving heart, that’s the place to which each one of you eventually has to return. There is no other place for you to go.

Like Me, You are spirit and soul and your true home is therefore the world of spirit. Though it may often feel that way while you experience life in physicality, you were never left alone or abandoned there. You always have been and will be accompanied by My Angels, as well as your spirit guides and Masters. I am also known as the Great White Spirit and the great architect of life. I am the director of the movie of life and all are acting under My instructions. First in line are the Angels and they in turn are in charge of the guides and Master. They are the channels through which I have constantly been giving the parts of My wisdom to you and your world that were suitable for the level of understanding the collective consciousness had reached.

Every soul in due course has to come to terms with the fact that there are other dimensions to you and your earthly existence. That is why, to help you with this and to get your individual and collective minds working, with the help of the Angels, Masters and guides, throughout the ages I have been talking with you in symbolisms and metaphors, parables and legends, whose meanings even the simplest minds could grasp. This is no longer necessary because sufficient numbers of you are ready to receive My wisdom through your inner connection directly from Me, without outside intervention. And when you learn to listen to and follow My guidance from within, as every soul has to do in the end, you will be glad to find that it is impossible for anyone to pull the wool over your eyes.



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I would like to add that immortality in my beliefs is possible, but it is not guaranteed.
I trust that we were once made to live forever, but that changed with rebellion against the One who made us.
From the beginning to end of the book I base my faith in; there are two types of actions obedience (righteousness) and rebellion (sin). Both determine the after life. Some may not agree, but this is the sound doctrine from Genesis to Revelation. :)


"but I am sure he wrote that he was officially brain-dead (I do stand to be corrected if I'm wrong)"

Great all he needs do is show us some proof, or at least the physicians that declared him so and even better a CAT scan showing this. If he could provide a UN-doctored CAT scan of his brain showing true brain death then he would have the ultimate proof to me at least that some form of God existed.

From what I have read he was very "near death" this is way different then brain death, to be diagnosed as brain dead they do test's to see if their is any reaction to certain stimulus, what they are looking for is that the brain steam has been destroyed, the very base of what keeps a human alive. The physicians have to have a pretty good reason to believe you have this, and once they suspect that indeed the brain stem has died, two different physicians check, they inject cold water into your ear to see if their is any response in the eye ( no response no brain stem) They declare the time of death and remove the patent from life support.

Hence I find it very doubtful he was declared as such.
Do I Have To Have Another Lifetime On The Earth?

Have you ever asked yourself that question, especially when the going is rough? The simple answer is: ‘No, you don’t!’ Nobody forces any one of you to return to the Earth. But, having passed through the period of stocktaking and resting in the heavenly state, and knowing that the purpose of your existence is evolution, after a while your soul becomes restless. You realise that, if you ever wish to be released from the treadmill of cycles of lifetimes in physicality, there is nothing for it but calling upon the Angels and applying for another one. Following the advice of the Angels, most souls eventually choose another period of studying earthly life and helping their siblings in the great human family on that plane with their spiritual evolution. We assure you that every man and woman and child who ever walked the Earth has left behind an indelible impression on the ether and has tried to contribute to making your world a better and more beautiful place for all, even if only by stimulating the light of spiritual awakening and awareness in another soul.

All gifts, be they material or spiritual, can only come to you through the effects of the law of Karma, and by the will of the Great Father and the wisdom of the Great Mother. Nothing in the whole of Creation happens without them. One of your most vital earthly lessons is learning how to discern between the value of physical and spiritual things. Spiritually, it is better by far for you to lose all worldly possessions and through this receive Divine illumination than clinging to earthly things and concerns.

Every one of you contains the Christ spirit. At first it only appears as a tiny bud on the great tree of knowledge. From this state of spiritual childhood it grows into adolescence and eventually adulthood. There then comes a time during one of your earthly sojourns when a decision has to be made by you which master you wish to serve from now. on. Serving two of them at the same time is impossible. The pull of your desires for the pleasures of your lower earthly nature has to be surrendered by you, freely and willingly. This is necessary, so that the saving grace of the Christ Spirit, whose spark you are, can come fully alive in you and gradually take over your whole being.

All of this does not have to mean that wealth and abundance of earthly things are wrong, as they provide your soul with tests and trials of a different nature. Whenever a soul is reborn on the Earth plane, the pathway of its coming lifetime is decided by its Karma. In spite of this, the soul itself has a certain measure of choice as to the kind of life it would like to lead. Those who choose to respond to the drawing of God’s light and are longing with all their strength to live in truth, love and mercy by giving service to their fellow creatures find their enjoyment in the riches of Heaven.

Being poor in the material part of their lives makes little difference to these souls, as their happiness lies in other things. For example, the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation manifested in Mother Earth’s gifts that are freely available to those whose inner eyes and ears have opened to the higher vibrations of life. During their present lifetime such souls are strengthened, supported and illumined by serving their Creator, whom they now recognise in all creatures and things. By turning their desires away from the darkness of the material plane to the light and glory of the spiritual life, they are building in their hearts a most beautiful state of being and heavenly home.

This is how it comes about that highly evolved souls frequently appear on Earth to act as teachers and wayfinders for younger and less experienced souls who are walking the pathway of life behind them. Those who have particularly difficult Karma to redeem, to restore the balance of their spiritual account, may decide to spend their next reincarnation by serving, in saintly ways and possibly in great material poverty, the needs of the underprivileged of your world.

In contrast to this, you are sure to encounter people who seem to be lucky in everything they touch. What they are receiving in their present lifetime is their reward for great spiritual efforts and sacrifices they made in others. The bread they once cast upon the waters of life is now returning to them in great abundance. If this is happening to you, you do well not to allow your good fortune to make you complacent and smug. Endeavours of a different kind are expected of you by the Highest to keep the flow of abundance going from this lifetime to subsequent ones.

Typical examples of these two diametrically opposed pathways of life are those of individuals like Mother Theresa in her time, John D. Rockefeller in his, and Bill Gates of Microsoft now. Mother Theresa finding great spiritual wealth, while people like Rockefeller and Gates accumulate vast fortunes and spend large parts of them on philanthropy and charities. Once again we would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is no need to be jealous and envious or sit in judgement over anyone because no soul is either all good or all bad. The seeds for monster and saint alike are in all of you, and every soul has the right to know that they are part of the Christ Spirit and therefore worthy of its protection.

The more you become aware of your true nature, your oneness with all life and the effects of the Universal laws, the less you will feel inclined to inflict pain on other souls or parts of creation, because you realise that harming others can only bring suffering to you. The Christ Spirit waiting to come alive in each one of you is the light that has the power to heal all infirmities. It comforts and restores each soul. It is the light that comes like a hand to hold yours, when your time has come for walking through the valley of the shadow of death, i.e. passing from the physical world to the inner one. This is the hand that leads every soul to its reward, when its toiling on the Earth plane is finished, into the state of heavenly bliss, rest and peace.

The blessings of the Most High, the Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, rests upon each one of you to strengthen and uphold you. With great mercy it fulfils every human need.

Recommended Reading:
About Time

Moving On
As every flower fades and youth must give way to old age,
So all wisdom and each virtue may be valid only in its day.
Nothing but our Highest Self stays with us forever.
At life’s calling the human soul must say farewell
And be ready for a new beginning.
Bravely and without sadness we need to
Enter into ever new learning, safe in the knowledge that
In the background of all life dwells the power of the Unseen,
To guide and protect us and help us to live,
Wherever our destiny may take us one day.

We are meant to move happily through space and time,
Without making our home in any one of them,
Because we know that our true home lies elsewhere.
The Spirit of the Divine never aims
To tie and restrict any of us; quite the opposite is true!
Step by step the Universe tries to lift us
Beyond the horizons of our present understanding.
If we are in danger of staying with one particular way of living
For too long, our spirit and soul stagnate and start to yearn for
Fresh learning through new adventures and further explorations.

The awareness that there is no death, that life is eternal,
Without beginning or end, helps us to
Give in more readily to the demands of life
When the time for moving on has come.
The hour of departure from the physical plane of life is eased and
We can enjoy our rebirth onto a different level of life,
Because we know that all it means is learning of a different kind.

The realisation that life’s call to the human soul
Will never end fills our heart and soul with good cheer.
It enables us to say good-bye willingly and happily,
Whenever the need arises, and go forward peacefully
To find rest and healing in the oneness with God.

‘Stufen’ by Hermann Hesse
Translated & adapted by Aquarius

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’

* * *
Even the least evolved souls upon their return into the world of spirit cannot help noticing that in truth they are spirit and soul, eternal and immortal beings of light. At the end of each lifetime, every one of us without exception returns to our true home, the world of spirit, where we rest and recuperate from the trials and tribulations of Earth life. Having once again been released onto that level of life, the freedom we enjoy there may well feel like heavenly bliss, but Heaven itself – the final oneness with God – it is not. As mentioned in the previous chapter, nobody suddenly turns into an Angel at the time of leaving life in physicality. No-one goes straight to Heaven. Whatever degree of consciousness we have reached on the earthly side of the veil in any given lifetime, that alone we take with us into the world of light.

Apart from leaving our physical body nothing changes at the moment of death. The one we have been on the Earth plane is the same one we shall encounter and have to grapple with in our other world. What we can hope to find on the other side depends on the quality of life we are leading here – more of the same awaits us beyond. Any wisdom we accumulate during each one of our earthly sojourns will always be ours to keep forever. We bring it with us into all subsequent lifetimes, so it can support us and make life easier to cope with, which sets us free for lessons of a different kind. Can you see the great importance and urgency of getting to work on improving our character whilst we are here?

Sun Scorpio Marie, Queen Consort of Romania, 1875-1938 wrote towards the end of her life: ‘The God within us! That’s what really counts … that fundamental something that makes part of the ‘beyond’, which leads us upwards in spite of ourselves … towards a light out of which we came and to which we surely return, if we do not allow our spirits to go down in the mine! A light which shines in our souls, a beacon signalling to us from somewhere beyond this quarrelling, hating, doubting, betrayed and betraying, sad suffering world.’ Later still, bravely tackling her twilight years, she wrote: ‘It is not in vain that, on decline, so much is taken from us. It is so as to prepare us for the end. To sow the seed of longing for another life in our tired souls.’ From ‘Born To Rule’ by Julia Gelardi.
About Angels

As pointed out in What Happens When Someone Dies?’, the Angels are in charge of humankind. From our earliest beginnings, they have been communicating with us through groups of guides and helpers in our other world, the world of spirit or light. Everybody knows the word Angels, but what does it mean? Angels are a great force and a power that sometimes presents itself to humankind in a form we can understand and connect with. Those who already are fortunate enough to be able to see Angels, perceive them as highly illumined beings. Great streams of radiant light emanate from their heads and shoulders that makes them look like wings, though in truth they consist of power and light. The Angels are part of us and we are part of them. Therefore they are familiar with every soul’s individual spiritual maturity and that of our whole world. They are the only ones who know reliably how much of God’s eternal wisdom and truth should be revealed to us and at what time. Theirs is the decision of how and through which channels a new part of it should be presented.

As beings from the higher and highest levels of life, Angels are pure spirit who do not require any kind of vehicle for getting about, the way we do. But, whenever it is desirable that our world should become aware of their presence, they may take on a form that resembles a human one. Moving by the power of thought, they have no need for wings, as we know them from our feathered friends. We too shall eventually be capable of locomotion like the Angels. The speed of thought is faster than that of light and even now, by thinking ourselves in another place we can instantly be there, though so far in thought only.

However, as soon as we have become sufficiently evolved, there will be nothing to stop us from going on interplanetary exchanges. There will then be no need for prohibitively expensive and clumsy spacecrafts, the way travel is done at present for even the shortest distances into space. If in times to come we want to go and visit some of our cousins in the great family of life on far distant planets, all we shall need to do is think of them and their place and ask our thoughts to take us there. Naturally, this kind of space travel cannot come about for as long as someone’s soul remains trapped in Earth’s illusions of time and space.

Quite literally, Angels are everywhere. When climbing a mountain we somehow sense a powerful presence, we are responding to the call of the Spirit of the mountain, who is part of the Angels in charge of the Water element. Those who are fascinated by and drawn to water, be it in the crashing and pounding of the sea or at other times the gentle splashing of its waves, the roaring flow of a great river or the tumbling of waterfalls, are responding to the call of the Angels or Spirits of the water element. Sun worshippers and/or those who enjoy gazing into the flames of a candle or an open hearth fire, are tuning themselves into the energies of the Angels and Spirits in charge of the Fire element. Those who love the sound of the wind, as it whispers to them in the slightest rustlings of leaves or through the howlings of a storm, are responding to the call of the Angels and Spirits of the Air element.

The Etheric element is the realm of spirit, God’s spirit as much as Mother Earth’s, the Angels’ and also our own. The etheric is in charge of all the other elements at work on the physical manifestation of Mother Earth’s spirit. The huge orchestra of life is controlled and directed by the power and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother of all life.

If your Sun, Moon and/or Ascendant are in one of the Fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you are likely to feel an affinity with the Angels and spirits of the Fire element. If they are in one of the Air signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, it will be for the Air element. If they are in one of the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, the Water element. And if they are in one of the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, the Earth element.

It is wrong to speak of an Angel as he or she. Like God, they are androgynous and whole, as we are on the inner level – or rather will be again, when the two parts of our nature have been healed into one again. In God and the Angels the masculine and feminine energies lovingly respond to each other. Harmoniously, they function together and are never in discord and at loggerheads with each other, the way ours frequently are.

As soon as another human soul comes forth from the heartmind of God, a Guardian Angel is allocated to it. This Angels never leaves us. Steadfastly, it stands by our side and holds our hand, throughout every one of our earthly lifetimes as well as the resting periods in the world of light, forever guiding, protecting and showing us every step of the way. As we grow and evolve, the Angel’s own evolution keeps pace with ours. Without any unnecessary interference it accompanies us through all our experiences, even the deepest, darkest and most traumatic hours ones. Only when we ask the Angels for their help can any of them intervene and come to the rescue.

Angels, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, including us, are ceaselessly striving to grow and evolve into ever higher and more beautiful expressions of life. To enable them to carry out their duties towards the Highest in the process of Earth’s evolution and ours, they need our assistance as much as we require theirs. The better we cooperate with the Angelic realm, the more speedily and smoothly the transformation of our spiritual rebirth and that of our world does proceed. And we give thanks and praise to You, Great White Spirit, for the Angels taking care of us and the elements with their power to provide us with all the things we require, down to every crumb of the food we eat and every drop of water we drink. Amen.

* * *

'As the great American poet wrote, ‘Death is the Angel sent who draws the unwilling bolt and sets the captive free’. Then when the time comes for the body to be laid aside, there should be no grief. The spirit has not passed from your vision. The spirit is near you. Where there is love there is no separation. The spirit of the one left behind merges with [that of] the released spirit. The law of harmony prevails, the law of reunion. The two come together as one. Yes, Earth life is a hard school, but you will not find it so hard if you draw aside the curtain and live conscious of the limitless spiritual life.’



I think the real problem with such questions is that they cannot be answered. So, I don't ask them any more. :)
I believe that there is no such thing as Judgement Day. Because the Universe loves us, it never judges anyone. Instead, we are required to evaluate ourselves. Only when the purpose of any given lifetime has been fulfilled is the human soul called back home. It makes no difference at what earthly age this takes place and in what manner we depart from this plane. To talk about anyone’s earthly demise as ‘untimely’, to my mind, means to doubt the great wisdom and love of our Creator. The Great Spirit is the Father/Mother of all life. This is the highest authority over everything in the whole of Creation and the only one who has any true power; nothing is beyond or outside Its will. Therefore, no soul’s departure from the Earth plane ever takes place without Its consent and that applies to any kind of death, including suicide.

No matter how low a soul may have fallen or how depraved it has become, in the course of this lifetime or any other, none of us will ever be beyond the love, the mercy and the forgiveness of God. This is the only authority in the whole of Creation who can truly appreciate when any soul’s mental, physical and/or spiritual struggle has been going on for long enough. When the suffering of any particular soul threatens to be more than the amount that is good and reasonable for its growth to endure, the Angel of Death draws close and releases us.

I do believe that the manner and the moment of our death are predestined and that suicides are no exception to this. After all, it is but one of many ways of returning to the world of light. Nothing in God’s Creation can ever be truly lost and every experience is valuable somehow. And the great transformation from one state of life into the other is always intended to provide valuable lessons for all involved, on both sides of the veil of consciousness that separates our earthly existence from our true home, the world of spirit.

From Suicide – Not The Answer

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