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What Happens When Someone Dies?

Miss Me, But Let Me Go

When I have reached the end of this lifetime
And Earth’s Sun has set for me,
Forget about rites in gloomy rooms.
Why cry for a soul that is free?

Having escaped the prison of earthly life and pain,
Don’t bury my mortal remains in the ground.
Cremate them and scatter my ashes to the wind,
So my spirit can take to its wings.
You shan’t be able to help missing me,
But nonetheless let me go and set me free.

Miss me a little, but not too much and not for long.
Don’t walk around with your head bowed low,
For the love between us has not changed
And will never leave us.
So miss me, but let me go.

The road I’m travelling we all have to walk.
Hand in hand with the Angels
It’s part of the Great Master’s plan
That each must traverse it alone,
To take us forward on our journey home
Into the oneness with God.

Each time your heart aches with loneliness,
Visit someone who is not afraid of talking about me.
Then forget your woes over helping someone.
You will still miss me, but if you really love me,
Let me go.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Comfort for the Bereaved’

* * *​


what's up doc?
its good to found this topic though i havnt read all on the first posts ..

there is one thing i cant understand ...

there was a memory of mine when i was a child ...

i knew it was a memory because everything was so vivid ...

and until now it keeps me wonder ...

when i was so young the only thing i remember from my childhood was a very very past ....
which i can remember that i have died in an hospital on a body of old person ..
As children we are still very close to the world of spirit and we may well remember the way we died in the lifetime before this one. This is for the simple reason that we didn't leave our other world sufficiently long ago for the impression of our new lifetime to have suppressed such memories and moved them into our subconscious store of memories.

With love - Aquarius

Do Not Fear The Unknown

The essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides from ‘A Time to Remember’ in Stella Polaris Oct/Nov 2008: ‘Do not be afraid of the future and the unknown. There is no need to fear your moment of death because it is but a step forward that returns you into our world, your true home, and entering into a fuller existence. Your physical body has been your vehicle for one lifetime. Leaving it behind enables you to move from life into physicality into our world of light.

‘Without consciously being aware of it in your earthly existence, it is a road you have travelled many times before. And each time the only thing you were allowed to take with you was whatever light, in the form of wisdom and understanding, you had gained from the experiences of all your lifetimes, including the most recent one. This light is stored in the memories of your soul and from there it emanates constantly. Once you have arrived in the spirit world, it reveals to you the beauty and wonders of our realm and its life.’

The Power Of Love And Thought

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the StarLink January 2012: ‘Many in your world to this day believe that life stops when you leave your physical body behind, although in truth it is eternal and constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral and there is no death. Your loved ones are not dead and they have not gone from you. They have merely moved to another dimension of life on its inner level, where all is one. In spirit there can be no separation between anything and because of this your loved ones are always with you.

‘The most important part of every human being is spirit and belongs to God. On the inner level of life in the realms of spirit all is one. There is no separation between anything and no-one ever leaves anybody and death is unknown. God, the Great Father/Mother of all life, totally and unconditionally loves each and every one of you in your world without exception, just as much as everything else that exists in the whole of Creation. All of it has been created and is constantly maintained and supported by the power of the thoughts of our all-loving and all-giving Creator.

‘Love and thought are the two most powerful forces everywhere. Through them you can contact your loved ones at any time in quiet reflections and meditations. This is how you can find out for yourself that your loved ones are alive and well in our world, and that nothing can destroy a bond of love once it has been created between people, or animals for that matter.’

Last edited:

What do we have to fear? Nothing!
Whom do we have to fear? No-one!
Do you know why?
Consciously becoming one again with our Highest Self,
Gives us three great privileges:
Omnipotence and practising it safely in the knowledge
That true Power is with God alone,
And that this God, the living God within, will always
Show us where and how to do so.
This makes us feel intoxicated without needing any wine.
And because we have come home into the awareness
That we are eternal beings of light and immortal,
There no longer is any death for us,
Merely transformations
From one life-state into another.

St. Francis of Assisi
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Reading:
‘There Is No Death’
‘The Fear Of Annihilation’

* * *
Eternal And True

The following is the essence of a teaching of the White Eagle group of guides from ‘The Gentle Brother’ Stella Polaris December 2015 / January 2016: ‘Train yourself to look beyond the end of your nose, away from the darkness of Earth life into the light of higher and highest realities. Focus on the things that are eternal and true, for they have been given to you to help you on your evolutionary journey. Maybe your present lifetime is a rosy passage and you are wafted along on wings of love or the opposite is true for you.

‘Of whatever nature your experiences are, never forget that through them we, the wise ones in charge of you in the world of light, are slowly but surely guiding each one of you and your whole world along an eternal evolutionary pathway of progress. On this road you are gradually becoming ever more aware of the perfect outworking of God’s great plan of life and Universal laws. Through this your consciousness is constantly expanding and your earthly self is growing in wisdom and understanding. ‘Ear hath not heard nor eyes seen’ the wonders of the heavenly state, to which all of you are moving.

‘The further you travel along this road, the more you can see for yourself that in truth there is no death, only a change of the dimensions you live in. As your inner eyes open, your vision opens to what kind of spiritual growth lies ahead and the beautiful conditions you are going to take part in. Refuse to look on the dark side of anything and never forget that whatever appears to earthly perceptions as a tragedy or disaster is part of the unfolding of God’s perfect plan. You can be sure that through the things that are happening in your world, behind the scenes on the higher and highest levels of life, God’s wise and loving power is bringing ever more beauty, kindness and goodness into your world. Divine wisdom creates light out of darkness and makes knowledge and wisdom grow from ignorance.

‘Through your younger and less evolved siblings, who are still in the process of getting to know the lower aspects of their nature, the Universal power shows the older and more highly evolved ones in your midst the senselessness and futility of all kinds of aggression and warmongering. This is teaching you the value and preciousness of human life and of peace.

‘And now open yourselves to the holy blessings of God, the Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the Spirit of the Universal Christ. Like incense from a communion table may our prayers of thanksgivings rise to the Heavens, the highest levels of life.’

From 'The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World'

The Purpose Of Individuality

Never forget that as My children you are young Gods in the making. Created in My image, each one of you in their own right is a very special, precious and unique being, who has been granted the gift of another lifetime to enable you to do your share of bringing a new Earth into being and of launching the religion of the Aquarian Age. For this purpose you have been equipped with an earthly mind and, My super-conscious faculties. Although to this day the latter exists only in seed form in many of you, it is there nonetheless. To become helpful to you instead of a hindrance, you need to take possession of every part of your being. Your masculine and feminine nature, as well as the mind of your lower and higher nature, which is part of My super-consciousness, are all in need of being trained and mastered by you. It is your task to teach them to work together as peacefully and harmoniously as they do in Me.

All human souls are created so that in the fullness of time they will evolve into shining lights, each one a Star and a Sun, a Christed one in their own right who has a high and holy destiny to fulfil on the higher and eventually highest levels of life. In My ever growing and evolving Creation new worlds and Universes will eventually be waiting to be brought into being – by none other than you. Don’t let the prospect of this frighten you and do not worry that you may not know how to go about such a formidable task. You will always be walking hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of you and Me, the same as you are doing now. You will forever be guided, protected and utterly safe. The only difference between your present state and that of the future will be that you are going be more consciously aware of our presence.

Taking part in Earth life is necessary and therefore compulsory for the education of all human spirits and souls. To help you become aware that you are individual beings, every lifetime in physicality provides you with a new physical body of your own. Each one of them provides you with another step forward on the journey of discovering the self and individuality. With the passing of time this has created an illusion that you are separate and detached from each other and from the rest of life. Nothing could be further from the truth, as on the inner level of life you have always remained one with each other and also with Me. When you come to realise that the impression of separateness exists on the Earth plane only, yet another one of your false convictions can be discarded.

For all of you there eventually comes the moment when your small earthly self is ready to surrender itself unto Me, your Highest or Christ Self. Let no-one run away with the idea that this means sinking into a vast ocean of spirit and dissolving into nothingness. If anything, quite the opposite is true. Your individuality will never be absorbed into anything. Yet, before it can freely and willingly be submitted to Me, it has to expand sufficiently and grow. This continues until finally, instead of merely being a small earthly creature, you have become like Me, namely someone who is consciously aware once again of their oneness with all life and Me.

You will always be you and you will never fade into nothingness, as on the evolutionary spiral of life you are relentlessly moving upwards and onwards in keeping with the cycles you are involved in, until you finally reach and have grown into one with the awareness and consciousness of the Great Whole, known to you as God – Me. Your spirit is pure consciousness, a spark of Me who will forever be one with Me. In your earthly existence you remain unconscious of this for a long time, but eventually you re-awaken into the awareness of your true nature and oneness with Me and all life.

The illusion of separateness has been an essential part of your development of becoming aware of your individuality and of the fact that each one of you is a being in its own right. Every time you leave Earth life, with the shedding of your physical body this misapprehension goes from you. But even in the world of light, your true home, you are still clothed in your astral body. It is yet another vestment your spirit wears until you have matured sufficiently to leave that one behind, too.

The mystical teachings of all ages set out a code of conduct that you, as aspiring healers and lightworkers, follow intuitively. For you it is no longer a question of I have to be good and I have to love others. In the process of finding illumination you begin to spontaneously express your true nature and show love, kindness and gentleness, not only to other people but to the whole of Creation. You are aware that for evolutionary purposes it was necessary that in their early stages the religions of your world had to follow many different paths. As you know and respect that every human soul has its own predestined pathway to walk and discoveries to make, you refuse to force your way of thinking and mode of travelling upon anyone else.

Although you are aware that in truth there is only one religion, you appreciate that many of your siblings on the Earth plane are still ignorant of this fact. Yet, as a true child of Mine you respect everybody’s freedom of thought and the right to make their own decisions about what they can and cannot believe. Meanwhile rest safely in the knowledge that in the end every one of your siblings in the human family of life is destined to reconnect with Me. When the time is right, they too will discover that the only true, lasting and eternal religion is the one of the heart, and that this is the kind of faith that re-unites all human souls with Me, your Creator, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, and through Me with the whole of Creation.

* * *​
The Fear Of Annihilation

There is no doubt in my mind that humankind’s worst fear by far is that of annihilation and non-existence, of being snuffed out like a candle when in fact we are moving into the world of light, our true home, and merely leaving our physical bodies behind. In the early stages of our earthly education, as young and inexperienced souls, we have no choice but to believe the teachings of the religions, specifically created for this purpose, to convince us with the greatest air of authority that life is a one-off thing. As a result, we move through it nurturing the belief in our bosom that we can please ourselves, do what we like and get away with just about anything, if need be murder – in some cases quite literally.

For as long as we are convinced that a bullet through our head or a cyanide capsule in our mouth will wipe us out or snuff us out like a candle, we are quite capable of killing and maiming, massacring and taking hostages, torturing and maltreating anyone who treats us badly. Maybe they do not share what we think of as true, holy and sacred, possibly make fun of it. Or maybe it’s someone who simply gets in the way what we perceive as our progress or we just don’t like them. We may even hope to deserve a special place in Heaven for our behaviour or go straight to paradise as a reward for our ‘heroic’ deeds.

That is an exceedingly far cry from what really happens. At the moment of physical death when we leave our earthly identity with its physical body behind, we once again become aware of our true nature as spirit and soul and return to the world of spirit, our true home. That’s where all of us go, for the simple reason that there isn’t anywhere else. The awareness of being spirit and soul reminds us that the Divine presence never leaves us and that because of this at all times we stand before our Creator, each one of us on their own. This is not like a standing or kneeling in front of some kind of throne, the way the God was presented to us in previous ages.

Let us not blame the religions that taught false beliefs like this one. They too were necessary so that we should get to know the lower and lowest characteristics of our earthly nature. Poor humankind! In our ignorance of the things that truly matter in life, like the knowledge of our immortality and the Cosmic laws, our Creator’s laws, as young souls we march through life and accumulate ever more negative Karma, blissfully unaware that the bill will eventually be presented to us for every one of our misdeeds.

Ignorance of the existence of the Universal laws could never protect anyone against having to live with them and the need for harvesting the bitter fruits as the consequence of the seeds we once sowed with every one of our thoughts, words and actions. Every bit of suffering that has been caused to any form of life has to be made good and redeemed by us, at some stage during our evolutionary journey through life. And each time we have left the physical reality of Earth life behind and returned into the world of spirit, our true home, there does come a day of judgement. To our astonishment, however, it isn’t at all like what we were taught by the churches we left behind.

In our other world we stand, hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of us, before ourselves and take a good look at everything that happened in the lifetime we just left behind and in others before it, if this one is not our first encounter with Earth life. Suddenly we understand why Shakespeare wrote in ‘As You Like It’:

This wide and Universal theatre
Presents more woeful pageants than the scene, wherein we play.
All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one person, in their time, plays many parts.
To help us gain a better understanding of the purpose and meaning of our earthly existence and so that we should get at least an inkling of the complexities that are hidden behind it, throughout the ages God’s Divine wisdom and truth has been presented to humankind in many and varied forms. It has constantly flown through and worked with all manner of channels. Shakespeare was one of them. Do you find it as astonishing as I do how long it sometimes takes until the meaning of some of the wisdom that was given to our world in this manner actually comes clear?

How much longer will it take until finally all of us are aware of what the concepts of God and the Universe truly mean? One cannot help wondering what will emerge, as everybody’s understanding of them is going to be at least slightly different from anyone else’s. Our relationship with the Divine is a highly personal and intimate one and because God is as much part of us as we are part of God, our perception of it depends on the relationship we have thus far been able to establish with this part of ourselves. The task of every soul on the Earth plane is to search for their own philosophy of life that is based on their understanding of the meaning and purpose of their own being and that of all life. To my mind, this can only be found by making an effort at peering behind the curtains of Earth life and into its spiritual background, especially through its most profound experiences of birth and death.

A great abundance of fears, superstitions, false beliefs and illusions to this day exists in our world. The spiritual knowledge that for some time has been flowing ever more powerfully into our individual and collective consciousness is doing its best to help us cleanse our consciousness of these things. This process will continue until every last shred of them has gone for good. The general awareness of humankind’s true nature and destiny is increasing all the time. Ever more of us are becoming aware that the purpose of all existence in matter is evolution and that the essence of our being is spirit and soul. Because they are immortal and cannot die, there is no death, only transformation into other states of life. With this knowledge, even the fear of death, the worst one of all, is saying goodbye to our world.

Nothing To Fear
What do we have to fear? Nothing!
Whom do we have to fear? No-one!
Do you know why?
Consciously becoming one again with our Highest Self,
Gives us three great privileges:
Omnipotence and practising it safely in the knowledge
That true Power is with God alone,
And that this God, the living God within, will always
Show us where and how to do so.
This makes us feel intoxicated without needing any wine.
And because we have come home into the awareness
That we are eternal beings of light and immortal,
There is no longer is any death for us,
Merely transformations
From one life-state into another.

St. Francis of Assisi
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Reading:
‘There Is No Death’

* * *​


Well-Known Member
Ok so here is my personal thought on this matter. I'll start with I'm not religious in the slightest. I don't see it's as more than a story for kids, but don't get me wrong if it has something that works for you that's brilliant. Anyway back to death I simply believe that once I'm dead in the ground I'm going to be giving my body to feed the earth.
The Fear Of Losing Our Identity

At the time of writing this, the book ‘Hanna’s Daughters’ by Marianne Frederiksson came my way. I warmly recommend this moving, thought-provoking and insightful book. It deals with the psychology of human relationships, especially between mothers and daughters, as well as the men in their lives. There was one passage in this book that struck a deep chord in me because of its relevance to my own memories of the war. On one occasion, the author speaks through one of the women in her tale. Born in the same year as myself, she was by that time in her sixties: ‘The war was even more remarkable. I’ve never thought about how it left its mark on my childhood, how much of my fear has its origins there. And yet I remember the German pilot burning in the air above us, and father coming and going, in uniform and talking about evil.’

The story is set in Sweden, one of the few European countries that managed to remain neutral during the Second World War. Through the mother of the above mentioned child, the author earlier describes how the people around her and she herself cowered like frightened rabbits, while their country was clinging onto its fragile neutrality. Although the mother carefully tried to protect her child against the influences of the war, one day when the little girl was three, they chanced to be outside when close to them a blazing German plane dropped from the sky. To her greatest chagrin, she could not shield her child against catching a glimpse of how the pilot was burnt alive.

To my mind, nothing could explain better than these words how wars affect us all through our collective consciousness and the soul of our world. Because on this level of life we are all one, we feel everybody else’s suffering and fears and they feel ours. So much of this has by now accumulated in every individual consciousness, as well as that of our world, that it is hardly surprising that many types of cancer are becoming ever more rampant. As mentioned earlier, I believe that the roots of this disease reach down into the deepest layers of our soul memories. That is why, to my mind, medications of the chemical kind will never enable us to find genuine cures; they can only come from the patient’s individual psyche and that of the collective. How heart-warming it is to witness that by now many are seeking alternative approaches!

As mentioned before, deep-seated and intense fears when left unattended for a long time can do nothing but eventually manifest themselves as illnesses in our outer vehicles. They are invariably a cry for help from the soul in its attempts at communicating with us. Release from our anxieties and healing of the damage they cause can in my view only come through renewing our inner connection with our Highest or God Self. When we rediscover our true nature and our spiritual roots, our soul finds peace and our whole being restores itself and heals. Over time, this also slowly starts to express itself in our physical bodies.Whenever something is too frightening and traumatic for us to release from our subconscious during waking times, including in meditative states, the Universe rescues us in many ways. As a means of helping us let go of such things we are then given in dreamtime a symbolism that we can interpret and understand. For example, if someone has a nightmare of losing their identity, especially if this is a recurring dream, it is highly unlikely that dreams of this nature are meant to be premonitions and a taste of things to come.

I believe that our Highest Self merely uses them as symbolisms. In its infinite wisdom it appreciates that this is the only safe way that the earthly self can shed some of its most fundamental fears, which at present may be stopping its soul from making the progress that could otherwise be achieved. Should any of our fears by now be so deeply embedded in our subconscious that they cannot be reached any other way, all is by no means lost. With great love and compassion the Universe knows our difficulties and helps us move forward in dreamtime.

The final destiny of every human being is to bring forth the characteristics of their own Christ nature and through this evolve into a Christ Star, each in their own right. This happens without loss of our identity and individuality. Unaware of this, during the early stages of our earthly development the small self’s fear of losing them is even greater than the one of death. That is the reason why in the course of many lifetimes we are so terrified of death. It takes a long time until we realise that in truth nobody ever loses their uniqueness and identity, not even when we find out way back home into the conscious awareness of our oneness with God.

That’s what the whole process of individuation has been about. This means that even when you and I have reached the highest level of consciousness, you will still be you and I shall continue to be me. Because we are sparks of the Divine, like God we are immortal and eternal beings of light, and the fear of death is no longer required.

. . . I simply believe that once I'm dead in the ground I'm going to be giving my body to feed the earth.
I am not religiously inclined either, but spiritually very much so. To me that means being aware that the most important part of me, the essence of my being, is spirit and soul. When I depart from this plane of life, my physical body will be cremated and the ashes scattered to the winds, and I shall be free.

With love - Aquarius

* * *​
Overcoming Our Fear Of The Unknown

Our spirit guides are frequently telling us that we should overcome our fears, especially the one of the unknown and of death. With all due respect, that is very well for them to say, but how shall we go about it? In my mind’s eye, I can see my guide smile and with my inner ear I hear a kind and gentle voice saying: ‘That’s for you to work out, dear child of the Earth. It is not our task to carry your cross for you. No-one can do that. You too should not try to take on anyone else’s who is suffering, as that would prevent them from learning the lessons which they themselves have chosen for their present lifetime, long before entering into it. Our task is to guide and support you, and you can – nay, should – all help each other. But, everybody has to work their way through their fears alone, because before God you stand alone and each has to find their own way back home into the state of loving and fully trusting your Creator again.’

To me, the most vital step on the road of overcoming our fears is becoming aware that all of them were once built into our consciousness for good and wise reasons. The ability to fear was initially given to us to protect us whenever the desire overcame us to conquer our world and that on our own. Fear of the unknown made us stick to our home-patch and attend to the work in hand. This fear has now outlived its usefulness and by focussing our attention increasingly on wanting to learn in the school of earthly life in order to evolve into an ever more perfect, i.e. whole being, who will then be allowed to move forwards and upwards into exploring the higher levels of life.

The ballast of fear-invoking false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions of the past can be shed through welcoming the spiritual knowledge, which the Age of Aquarius, the sign of the Divine water-bearer, for some time has been pouring ever more forcefully into the individual and collective consciousness of our world. However, let’s not allow ourselves to be swamped by the great mass of information that is now coming our way. Let’s develop our discriminatory faculties to the full by asking God and the Angels to help us find the people, books and other publications, workshops and seminars that are now right for us. There are many belief systems and attractive schools of learning in our world and each one promises to take us to the heart of truth. Yet, the only safe way of finding it is by following the light in our own hearts and refusing to be lured into believing that the apples on each neighbouring tree might be riper and juicer than our own.

The only sure guide at this stage of our development is the light of the wise one within, our inner teacher. This is the voice of God, who communicates with us through the world of our feelings. And that is the only truly reliable guru in the whole of Creation, who really does know the answer to any question we may ever care to ask. And the more we reliably find out in this way about of God’s nature and our own and the purpose and meaning of our existence, as well as those who have always taken great care of us in the spirit world, the more our confidence in God’s plan * for us and our world and the goodness of life grows. May the descriptions we are receiving from our spirit guides about the beauty of their world and the freedom of no longer being responsible for the wellbeing of a physical body and hauling it around with us, show ever more of us that our fear of the unknown and especially of death are quite unjustified.

I believe there is nothing at all. Just like before birth we didn't sense anything, we are also going to feel the same after ...life. Nothing at all. That's why we need to be happy now!
The Prophet – On Death

Then Almitra said: ‘We would ask now of death.’
And the Prophet replied:
‘You can only begin to find out about the secrets of death
By looking for them in the heart of life itself,
For in truth there is no death, only transformations
When you, time and again at the end of yet another lifetime,
Return into another state of consciousness.

Birds are messenger of the world of spirit or light,
Your true home, from where you once came
And to which you return at the end of every earthly lifetime.
You have been granted the gift of another sojourn on the earthly plane,
So that you may grow in wisdom and understanding,
And with the passing of time evolve into
A seeker of God’s wisdom and truth, a human owl.

On the Earth owls represent symbols of wisdom,
But there are two types of these birds.
In the early stages of your earthly education you are like
One of those who can only fly and hunt at night,
Because their eyesight is very poor in daylight.
However, as you proceed on your evolutionary pathway
That in the end takes you back into
The conscious awareness of your true nature and
Your oneness with God and all life,
You become ever more evolved and gradually grow into
A likeness of the second type of owl, who can see
Equally well by day and night.
Because you are constantly learning something from your experiences,
You are growing wiser all the time and eventually
There comes the moment when you discover that now you can
Find what you are looking for in the darkness of the Earth,
As well as on the other side of the veil of consciousness
That in the past separated your two worlds for you
And which, for you, is now disappearing.

For as long as you remained trapped in the initial darkness
Of the dungeon of the ignorance of an earthly existence,
And remained ensnared by the belief that this state
Was your only reality and that this was all there is to life,
You could not see beyond the end of your nose
And it was impossible for you to perceive
The vast horizons of the higher and highest dimensions of life.
For as long as you stayed on that evolutionary level,
You found it hard to grasp and unveil
The mysteries of life and death, darkness and light.

To enable you to understand the spirit of death,
The Divine spark in you first had to awaken,
So that your heart could open wide unto all other aspects of life,
Until finally you grasped that in truth
Life and death are one,
The same as a river and the sea,
Into which it pours itself, are one.

Your Creator deeply and permanently imprinted
The silent knowledge of the higher and highest aspects
Of life, your true home, into the memories of your soul.
From there they continue to surface in your hopes, dreams and
Highest aspirations, to light you the way home.
And like a seed that is waiting beneath the snow
For the arrival of spring, your soul has always continued to hope,
Waiting and dreaming of its return into that existence.
Trust these dreams, they are the key that
In due course will unlock the gates of Eternity for you.

Your fear of death can be likened to the trembling of a shepherd,
Who stands before his King, waiting that he should lay
His hand upon him in honour.
Is the shepherd not joyful beneath his trembling,
Although he knows that he will soon be wearing his King’s mark?
But even so, before the event he is more mindful of his trembling
Than of the gift that awaits him.
And what is ceasing to breathe the air of the Earth,
But the freeing of your soul from this planet’s restless emotional tides,
So that it may rise, expand and seek God unencumbered
By a physical body and the concerns of Earth life?

Only when you drink from the river of the silence of
The world of light, your soul truly sings.
And only when you reach the top of the spiritual mountain
You really start to climb.
And only when your physical body has been returned
To the Earth, to which it belongs,
Will you once more know for sure
What your role in the great dance of life has been all along,
As one of God’s beloved children of the Earth.

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Edited by Aquarius

* * *​
I Am Free

Don’t grieve for me, because I am free,
Continuing the path our Creator designed for me.
I took the Angel’s hand when I heard its call,
Left earthly life behind and said farewell to all.

I could not stay another day
For loving and laughter, singing and play.
Unfinished tasks will have to stay that way.
I’m exchanging them for the peace
That awaits all of us at the end of our earthly days.

Should my parting in your life leave a void,
Fill it with the memories of shared joys
Like friendship and laughter and also a kiss.
These are the things I too shall miss.

Do not burden yourself with sorrow,
But let the eternal Sun light all your tomorrows.
My life’s been full and I’ve savoured much:
Good friends, fine times and the loving touch.

And if my time with you appeared too brief,
Refuse to stretch it with weeping and grief.
On the wings of sacred God’s wisdom and truth
Lift yourself above the boundaries of earthly life
And in your thoughts share with me
The freedom I found when
The Angel of death set me free.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Remember Me

Remember me, when I have gone away,
Gone far away, into the silent land,
When you can no more hold me by the hand,
Nor I half turn to go, yet turn and stay.

Remember me, when no more, day by day,
You can tell me of our future
That you have planned.
Only remember me.
Then you will understand
That it is too late to cancel or pray.

Yet, if you should forget me for a while
And afterwards remember,
Do not grieve, for if the darkness and corruption
Leave a vestige of the thoughts that I once had,
Better by far, you should forget and smile
Than to remember and be sad.

Christina Rosetti
She replies from the world of light:

‘After struggling long and hard to let go of my
Physical being and with it leaving behind
The darkness of my earthly ignorance,
I am delighted to tell you that the world
I am living in now is the realm of spirit.
This is humankind’s true home and safe haven
After experiencing the turbulent seas of
Earthly life’s problems and traumas,
Stresses and strains.

‘This world is filled with light and everything
Is of a beauty that does not compare with
Anything on the Earth.
I am well and very much alive,
And enjoying my life here.
When your time for joining me has come
And the Angel of Death calls for you,
Don’t be reluctant to let go.
Reach for its hand and follow without fear.
There truly is nothing to be afraid of here.’

From ‘Comfort for the Bereaved’

* * *
Yearning For Our True Home

The Wanderer

I come from highlands down to shore,
The valleys steam, the oceans roar.
I wander silent, joyless here:
My sigh keeps asking! ‘Where? Oh, where?’

Their Sun appears to me so cold,
Their blossoms limp, their life so old;
And what they speak of, empty fare:
I am a stranger everywhere.

Where are you, land, beloved home?
Imagined, sought, but never known!
The land, the land, whence hope does flow,
The land where all my roses grow,

Where friends shall never meet in vain,
Where all my dead shall rise again,
The land that speaks my language true:
Oh land, where are you?

I wander silent, joyless here,
My sigh keeps asking: ‘Where? Oh where?’
The spirits answer my distress:
‘Where you are not, there’s happiness.’

Georg Phillip Schmidt
Translated by Walter A. Aue
Set to music by Schubert

Recommended Viewing:
‘The Wanderer’
Sung by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

* * *
Returning Loved Ones To God

O Great Father/Mother of all life,
We bring You our dear departed ones
And place them into Your loving hands.
They were not lost to You
When You gave them to us.
In the same way we shall never lose someone
When we let go of them and hand them
Over to You and Your Angels.

You are as much in us as we are in You,
But Your giving is very different from ours.
Whatever you give is not taken away from anyone.
On the inner plane of life all is one and
There is no separation between anything and
Everything that is yours also belongs to us.

The creative power of love is immortal and
Because all life created and given by You is eternal,
Each one of us is Yours forever.
Our physical bodies pass away and turn to dust and ashes,
But the essence of our being will never die.
What our world calls death in truth is but
A passing of our spirit and soul
Into another dimension of life,
Which we, in our present evolutionary state,
Can only imagine.

Sadly, all other worlds are hidden to
The limited perception of our small earthly selves.
Beloved Great Father/Mother,
On the wings of Your sacred wisdom and truth
Help us to raise the consciousness of our world
To an increasing awareness of Your realms.
Open our inner eyes,
So that we too may perceive with ever greater clarity
That the spirit world is our true home
And that all who have passed into it
Are alive and well.
Safe and cared for by Your love,
They are enjoying themselves in the one place
Where everybody is at home and welcome.

Thank You for the knowledge of
Your Universal laws.
By observing their effects on our lives,
You are providing us with living proof that
Everything does return to its source;
That therefore no-one can ever
Get lost in the vastness of Eternity;
And that all life forever rests safely
In Your loving embrace.


* * *
What’s On The Other Side?

My inner guidance tells me that each time we leave our physical bodies behind, our spirit and soul moves into a different dimension of life that is known as the world of light. This is humankind’s true home from which we emerge at the beginning of every new lifetime and disappear into at the end of it. The spirit world is an integral part of our world. It’s just that something like a veil separates our two worlds and that creates an illusion of separateness, although on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything.

In spite of knowing these things, I still have only a vague idea of what lies on the other side of the veil and what to expect behind the gateway that leads us out of our earthly existence home into our true reality as spirit and soul. I trust our spirit guides when they tell us that their world is in many ways similar to ours and that it is more beautiful. It is also more peaceful due to the fact that everybody is aware of their true nature and behaves accordingly. No longer being enclosed by a physical body, it stands to reason that the spirit world offers us much more freedom for moving about and if we so wish, we can visit the halls of learning and study any subject that interests us.

The Angel of Death is a group of Angels and when our time for departure has come, one of them calls to take our spirit and soul home. These Angels have nothing in common with the frightening images of the grim reaper from days gone by. The countenance of these Angels is one of kindness and compassion; their whole being radiates nothing but love. They help us let go of the outer shell of our physical body. In earthly life it acts like a kind of overcoat that protects the more sensitive bodies underneath.

Taking us by the hand of our astral body, the Angel wraps us in golden light and transports us into the world of light. After an initial period of healing there, the loved ones who went before us come to welcome us to their world, which soon will be yours and mine, too. In this world everybody is aware of their true nature as children of God and that we contain the same dualities. Just like God and the Angels we are androgynous, male and female are one single unit and both parts are of equal value. Because of this the spirit world knows no gender rivalries.

Each time we enter into the spirit world we leave behind our earthly personality with its multitude of airs and graces, foibles and shortcomings, ranks and degrees. This personality is picked up and continued each time we enter into another lifetime. The memories of all experiences of our past ones and the learning we were able to gain from them are stored in our soul. Our strengths and weaknesses, the thinking and behaviour patterns we have developed thus far, as well as our karmic debts accompany us.

From the first breath we take in each new lifetime they are affecting us from the subconscious level of our being. But for the wise higher reason of protecting us against ourselves, for a long time they have to remain hidden from the view of our earthly self. If during the early stages of our earthly education we knew what we sometimes got up to in previous lifetimes, we would be unable to live with ourselves. With this wise arrangement, however, our soul memories are ready and available to us straight away to help or hinder our pathway, as the case may be.

And because the law of life is love and evolution, each new earthly sojourn offers many opportunities for becoming a better person and making progress on the evolutionary spiral. We are granted the gift of each new lifetime to transform our weaknesses into strengths, to make good where we once sinned and in this way make amends for some of our karmic debts.

As soon as we are back in the spirit world, everybody is the same and the only thing that counts is what we now are and not what we have or have been. Everybody has but one possession and that is their spirit and soul. The only difference between any two of them is that some are more highly evolved than others. No-one judges us *. Stripped of everything, we stand before ourselves and, with the help of the wise ones in charge of us and the Akashic Records *, we assess our performances during all earthly lifetimes thus far.

Each time we wish to connect with someone on the Earth plane, again the same as the Angels and our spirit guides and helpers, we can take on the appearance of either a man or a woman that represents the role we once played in earthly lifetimes. We can choose whatever allows people on the material plane to recognise us and helps them to trust the truth of any messages we wish to convey. This is also the case when we first arrive in the spirit world and our family and friends come to greet and welcome us. To assist us with feeling at home and settling down, for as long as necessary they once more play the part they once had in our life. Because we are familiar with this world from numerous previous occasions, this does usually not take very long.

To my mind, humankind’s most urgent need is letting go of our hold on the material world, its values and concerns. True and lasting security can only be found by any of us in the awareness that God is as much part of us as we are of God. The more we bring forth the highest and noblest characteristics of our Divine nature and express them in the world around us, the more easily the wings of the Great White Eagle can lift us above the sadness and heaviness of earthly life into the realities of our true home and nature, the spirit realm. The eagle in all its manifestations is a symbol that represents the human spirit’s power to reach beyond and free itself from its bondage with the physical world.

The efforts of wise ones who spend every day and moment that is left of their present earthly lifetime in this way are supported by a steadily increasing inflow of the Divine love and fire energies. In this way, with the passing of time, their lives are filling ever more with peace and harmony, as well as mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, not only to them but also to everything they come into contact with.

Without wishing away what is left of my present earthly lifetime, I am looking forward to no longer hauling a physical body around with me. And knowing that the Angels brought me safely into every one of my earthly lifetimes and took me out of them again, and that not only once but many times, is a great comfort to me. Because it cannot have been any other way, I trust them to be with me, to guide and protect me against all unwanted influences, the way they have always done, wherever my evolutionary pathway may still require me to go.

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