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What Happens When Someone Dies?

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Love : The New World Order - Part Six

In Loving Memory

If you recently lost a loved one to our world, irrespective of what was written in their death certificate, they were allowed to leave your plane because the purpose of their most recent lifetime had been fulfilled. Otherwise they would not have left you. But because they have first hand knowledge of your world’s present situation, they are of the great value on our side of the veil that still separates our two worlds from each other. They are highly welcome, of that you can be sure. And as soon as they have rested from the stresses of their most recent earthly lifetime, every one of the newcomers is happy to join our ranks.

At present, they are much more urgently needed by us, because the strength of their love for you and your world is added to the blessing and healing energies that are coming your way from us. They can now see for themselves who the driving forces behind your world’s present state are. Unaware of our presence and that their outer plane has a spiritual background where every one of their thoughts, words and actions is observed by day and night, your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers believe they are working with the greatest of secrecy, when nothing could be further from the truth.

During the early part of the education in the earthly school of life, every human being lacks the knowledge of the processes of life, in which every one of you is constantly taking part. For as long as you are unaware of your existence’s spiritual background, you do not realise that the essence of every human being is spirit/soul. It’s you yourself who has chosen to once more appear on the earthly plane so that you may grow in wisdom and understanding through the adventures that will be coming your way. Many of you by now are ready to leave behind the false belief that when they leave their physical body, their whole being dies, they are snuffed out like a candle and that’s the end of them.

Those who still believe that this, will be very surprised indeed when – one of these days – they discover that their physical body is lies inert and dead on the earthly plane, when they continue to be alive and well. When there is no way of getting their physical bodies moving again, they realise that their spirit/soul has been set free. It has returned to humankind’s true home, our world of spirit or light from which every human being – without exception – emerges at the beginning of each new lifetime and return to, when its purpose has been fulfilled.

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