What happens when you call a Suicide Hotline?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by maggie79, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. maggie79

    maggie79 New Member

    Just as the thread title asks, I'm wondering what happens when you call a hotline. I so desperately need someone to talk to but I'm terrified they'll report me somehow. Thanks!
  2. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    They ask what's happening, how you're feeling. They're very good listeners and they usually have a database of local resources that you might find useful. Laws about reporting vary from place to place. Most hotlines really want to listen and help the caller calm down and choose a constructive, pro-life solution.

    If you are in crisis and on the edge, maybe it would help to call and at least talk, get some of the stress out. Please, if you are on the edge, call a hotline or go to the ER.
  3. maggie79

    maggie79 New Member

    Thank you for your reply, Acy!
  4. randomguy9

    randomguy9 Put's the "Pro" in Profanity

    The time I called they were very supportive, listened, and were the ear I needed to hear.
  5. sweetles

    sweetles Well-Known Member

    personally i don't recommend calling suicide hotlines. laws of course vary from country to country of course, but i can tell you that here in the US if you call a suicide hotline they will trace and log your phone number (even if you take pains to block your number, as i do always do when calling anyone) and if you truly seem suicidal they will try very hard to pindown your exact location, and will even report you to local authorities. the last time i called a national suicide hotline, although i hung up with the operator and told her i was fine (really just wanted to get the hell off the phone as she wasn't helping at all), 10 mins later i received a call from the local police and about a minute after that two police officers were knocking on my door. it was intrusive and humiliating. so i would never call again. be forewarned.
  6. Y bother

    Y bother Member

    This is what always scares me to call, ppl may just need someone to listen. But if the hotline traces you and police knock on your door, it all goes on your record and you look like a nutter. Dont get me wrong, i recommend calling if you need help. Im just talking about ppl going through a rough patch and just need someone to get it all off their chest too.

    I was pulled over by a police on the road...and he is asking me questions about stuff i did 15 yrs ago as a teenager making me fill like a dead set loser....after driving away i was thinking, what a farking tool he was making me think that, everyone is a teenager and does silly things. It was 15 yrs ago and he was judging me from it and going on so much about it, not the fact that it was a random stop and i was doing nothing wrong.
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