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What happens when you section yourself?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Dunno, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Dunno

    Dunno Guest


    I'm thinking of doing it, I can't handle the outside world. I have no clue what to do.
  2. glim

    glim Guest

    You can't section yourself because that is done against your will, but you can voluntarily admit yourself into hospital.

    The best place to start is to go to either your doctor, or A&E and explain exactly how you feel, and what you think will help, and they should hopefully take it from there and help you.
  3. Dunno

    Dunno Guest

    Thank you for your response.

    What is it like when you admit yourself into a hospital? Does anyone know? I'm young and have no idea whether this is the right thing to do, all I know is I cannot handle living in the real world.
  4. glim

    glim Guest

    The best thing to do is to go and talk to your doctor.

    Hospital is only a last case option. They can do a lot to help you cope and function in the community first.

    Also, if you are young, then talk to your parent/s/guardian/s about how you feel and what is going on.

    Hospital is a really hard place to be, so you need to think carefully about going. But do please talk to your doctor. Be totally honest, explain what you think will help, and why, and see what they suggest. There are things like out patient therapies, where you attend hospital during the day, but go home at night, there are teams that could come and see you every day, there are meds and therapies that could offer you help and support, so please go to your doc to explore the options that might help you.
  5. Dunno

    Dunno Guest

    Thank you Glim, I really appreciate your advice.

    I have no family or friends to talk to and my only family member left alive (my mother) doesn't really care. So I'll go to my doctor.

    Thanx again.
  6. Xaos

    Xaos Well-Known Member

    i have been to a nut house (mental health unit) twice because of what they classed as drug psychosis, i dont know what their description of what it means is, but in my opinion, i was depressed, confused, angry, scared, and generally not in a good way, lots of reasons all mounted up... so, whats it like? well i can only speak about the two places i were at, first one was just a mental health clinic which is part of basildon hospital, i cant actually remember what the rooms layout was like, i wasnt there for long that time, maybe 3 weeks, at least 2 and i just wanted to get out.. tbh, its just like being in hospital, but with other people with issues around u, the docs an nurses who look after u r friendly, ask how u r in the morning, i wernt really allowed out of the ward alone until they think i was suited, it was strange only because i am very analytical and used to and still do, to a lesser extent think theres more to life than this, and it was just wierd... lol, tbh, i cant remember it greatly, but in my opinion, psychiatrists dont help that much, they just asked u questions, say 'hmm, yes' as a reply and whack u on tablets to make u into a walking zombie.. not my idea of fun... second place was a proper hospital designed especially for people with mental health issues, that was runwell hospital... that one was nicely located, in the middle of no where, with lots of feilds, trees and animals, which is a nice place in my opinion for how i was feeling... this one was even stranger tho.. i dont really want to tell u people why tho, no offense, its just i'd have to tell u a lot about me, and i'd probably end up tellin u my life story and type lots and lots, like i used to, this txt has even got more than expected, i get side tracked when i type... but ok, i'l just get back to the point.. basically if u want to meet other people that are in ur situation or worse, then there u go... in the second one (runwell) i felt extremely out of place, even tho i spose i wernt, but my actions whilst i were there in comparrision to all the rest, made me want to get out... but then, mine wern't really my choice, i wanted to see a psy and wanted to go, but i didnt, as i said, i was confused... i dont know what is wrong with u, but if u get depressed like me, then buy yourself some 5htp tablets, they help produce more serotonin in your brain which is a chemical that effects your moods, concentration, and sleep patterns (similar to dopamine) i actually noticed that when i was happier, i was more awake and could concentrate better (this was before i read up on this) but then again, maybe i felt better and could concentrate better cos i was more awake, either way, not a bad analysis... anyway, if thats part of your problem, buy some of these, u can get them as a health supliment (which is how i got mine, well how my parents got mine) or some sites that are assosciated with drugs sell them to help deal with come downs (which is how i first heard of 5htp) personally, i have found these much better than some of the crap the docs gave me, olanzapine is the only 1 i can remember the name of, i gave that up for these without the docs permission, and they work better, took a couple a weeks to kick in, but hey, i feel better, obviously i dont feel great now otherwise i wouldnt have came here to tell people my crap, but anyway, if u feel real bad, i find its always better to talk to a close family member or friend who u actually feel understands u, if u havent got any friends, which in my opinion i dont anymore, then speak to some1 on a forum like this, but i understand that can be a little bit awkward revealing yourself to a bunch of strangers, anyway... sorry for rambling and going off track, so, in a nutshell, a nut house is just like staying at a hospital, from my experience, they might not even put u on lots of zombifying pills, who knows? but chances are they would, as long as u qualified for being put in.. tbh, it probably just a luck of the draw, if u get a real person who cares, it will help, if u get a normal person who happens to work with sick people, it wont, i just didnt really feel many people who worked at either of that places really understood, obviously they cant cos they aint u, but i hope u get my drift, sorry to waffle i know this is hard to read with my poor grammar but hope i've helped
  7. Xaos

    Xaos Well-Known Member

    wow, sorry, i typed even more than i thought, if u managed to read all that and i knew where u lived i'd send u my last rolo, but i dont, so i get it \o/ yay
  8. Xaos

    Xaos Well-Known Member

    sorry to flood, just read some posts that came in whilst i was typing.. better written than mine and easier to understand.. but if u can take 1 thing from my waffling, research 5htp
  9. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    Xaos, haha ''the nut house''.
  10. Lostincrowds

    Lostincrowds New Member

    Alright mate, I'm young and thinking exactly the same thing, I know you did this a few years ago, but i'd like to know how you are now, how your coping with everything, because right now, its going to be suicide, I'm not even scared anymore... my girlfriend leaving me has just pushed me too far, my parents can't put up with me anymore and I've even lost my older brothers respect now. Please get to me if you can, or anyone...
  11. Lawrencek

    Lawrencek Guest


    Just wanted to say stay strong. My mum has been sectioned this morning of her own will. I wont go into the causes or stress but I was just looking on here to get some advise and read your last post.

    Everythings gunna be alright:)
  12. pinkpetals33

    pinkpetals33 Well-Known Member

    Your cute. I read it ...the only thing missing is the paragraph indentations
    :)P It's always greatly appreciated when you take the time to write and resond to other people....more info is better than none.
  13. jonny74

    jonny74 New Member

    the way i feel right now is not good my wife is leaveing me with my little girl its my fault but she is my world and i cant go on any more with out her i need help as at the mo i am planning to hang myself on friday nite i have even writen her a letter saying how every thing i dont have any one as my mum died 2 months ago Help please someone
  14. marmar345

    marmar345 Member

    you aren't alone, i had made plans too and got through it. i'm hear to listen if you need someone.
  15. jonny74

    jonny74 New Member

    i think its best to just go through with it most of the time then i think i should seek medical help i was told i should see a shrink a few years back coss of the way i was then but it aint got better i dont now were to turn
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