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What has my life become??

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For 18 years I was living the good life. I was a happy kid with a good life.....I was a good athlete, good student, had a fairly good home life and had the most amazing girlfriend anyone could have. Over the past 15 months, my father unexpectidly died, i had to move, the relationship between my mom and i has become nearly non exsistant, my grandpa passed away and my girlfriend of nearly 3 years has lost her feelings for me.

I dont know what was become of my life but I sure do know that I dont want to live this nightmare much longer.

I need help guys.



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Hi and welcome...you have been through so much in such a short period to time...please continue to post and let us know how you are doing...welcome again, J


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My condolences to you. Sincerely.

Hope you can get along with your mum again - she is doubtless broken hearted but her grief is no less than that of a daughter who has lost a father. The two of us, united and on common ground, can share that grief and I hope you make the move there.

Falling out with family is silly - often silly reasons lead to silences. I know many people who have not spoken to brothers or sisters in years. This is a real sad thing when there is no real reason to fall out.

Your grandfather also - if this is your mother's father then the two men most important to her (and maybe you) have both passed quickly in succession. This is a lot of bereavement as you expect a father to die many many years before a son.

A move is stressful also but it would offer opportunities if not for the bereavements still being on your mind.

As for your girlfriend, maybe you should talk to her also - I mean, if she truly does not love you then give her the chance to say it. Ask in in all honesty if her passion for you has waned - if her feeling for you have lessened and perhaps you are not 'the one' anymore.

Might just be your mind thinking the worse, but as things go its common and people fall out of love all the time. Given a loveless marriage would be soul destroying for you - its best for couples to court each other for a few years before marriage.

All the things which have happened to you might well have made you clinically depressed.It might well be worth while to try out some medication - see if that might help - but what you feel is a natural thing - its just that if you feel like suicide, that would not be natural.

Best to see a doctor - but I also would press you to try and talk to your mum and for you to both be able to maybe exchange happy memories of dad and granddad.

Good luck and God bless.


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Dear cjk575,

peacelovingguy has some great advice for you there.

I just want to say that “this nightmare” will pass - guaranteed!

Be strong…and be open to the new opportunities...

Lots of love and hugs!


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Welcome to the forums.. You have lost alot in the past couple of years..I agree you should sit down with your GF and find out why this has happened..Does she still love you?? Can we try and make it work?? Etc. Etc. Etc..They say it takes 5 years to find out for sure if your compatable...I wish you the best..
Thanks all.

I should have taken a little more time to explain some things before I posted.

My parents had been divorced but the court case regarding the divorce has been drug on for 7 years now for various reasons......child support, lawyer BS

My girlfriend and I were unseparable. We did everything together and were basically like a married couple. She went away to school for the spring semester this past year and we obviously didnt get to see each other or talk to each other that much. We went from seeing each other everyday to maybe seeing each other once a week. During the semester, she lost some of the feelings the she had for me and loves me but just isnt in love with me
I meant to say that we maybe saw each other once a month. Now we are on a break, but things do now seem good. She is a wonderful person and I want to remain friends because I want her in my life but its just so hard
the most agonising it is to have something good being taken away from you. i understand you are now at the lowest feeling you have been in your life. but crazy as it sounds, it gives perspective. everything from now on will probably only be better and seeing as you had the means to live a good and fulfilling life, this could be a temporary setback and if using the frustration that derives from this situation to good use, you can do great things.
I hear what you are saying and that sucks man. Keeping your girlfriend as friend is a bad idea. Trust me you don't want to be buddy buddy with her when she gets a new boyfriend it will only make you feel worse. If she doesn't want to be with you and make it work its best to cut ties with her and find some other chick worthy of your time. I wish you luck and things will get better just don't hold on to things that will only hurt you more. If she was that great of person she wouldn't want to break up at a time thats hard on you.
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