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what have you taken today?


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So far..

150mg quietiapine
2mg xanax
75mg chlorpromazine

and I still don't feel relaxed, sucks.
wellbutrin xl and some stuff for my back in the AM
zeldox, epival, propranalol and stuff for my stomach and cholesterol in the PM. plus more pain meds for the back.

i'm a walking pharmacy...


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300 mg seroquel
15 mg truxal

(still I am paranoid as fuck..)
Im on 500mg of Seroquel. Guess it works fine not wants to tell my doc I'm having problems with these thoughts, impulses.. Hey I have the DIAGNOSIS!!!! Actually they wants to put me on 750mg(highest is 800), but I told them I was feeling ill and had a lots of zombie-feelings going on which they cant force me into... right... I had my wish, Seroquel is made by god, the best med Ive tried but i don't feel alive...

Paranoid..? I am too, this is annoying as when they starts talking about me(no bitching, town's small), cars tries to kill me as go they speeding like crazy(including taxicars, police).
I, just, CAN'T, LIVE, HERE!!!!!
150mg Seroquel
20 mg Zoloft

Are they working? Nope They lowered my dosages and changed some medications around 2 weeks ago when I told them I'm pregnant. I used to take Risperdal instead of Seroquel. They messed up my whole meds and I'm having trouble adjusting.
Concerta, 36mg. Zoloft, 50mg. Zopiclone, 7.5mg, and Loxitane. I don't know what the dose is for that though. I'm really not even sure what it is, I just know it replaced my Risperdal =\

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