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What helps you when anxious or have worrying thoughts?


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The most difficult thing for me to do is to become aware I'm anxious. This is important because of the "tunnel vision" it generates which can leave many options unexplored or even detected. Anxiety makes me rush into any "solution" that usually makes the problem worse. I'm paying the consequences of one of those "solutions".
Maybe if I could just see myself in the situation as from someone elses's point of view... like in the chinese saying: watching the fire from the other coast of the river"...
Most of the time, I can't control myself so what I usually do is to go outside and go for a walk. Sometimes, I jog or any activity that will exhaust me. I don't have much people to talk to openly except my sister but she's really busy so I can't bug her all the time. I have my dog though so I play with her or walk her.


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2 months exactly since I posted this thread and still plagued with anxiety(gone for the moment but will return for sure), it has been REALLY bad the last few days. Stomach wretching, chest pains, hyperventilating, feel like I have a million worms in my head each with a fast as lightning speed of a negative thought. Medicine only helps so much as does therapy. I wouldn't wish this anxiety on my worst enemy, any more tips greatly appreciated.


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Focus on your breathing and find a mantra to repeat to yourself over and over to block out the thoughts as best as you can. It doesn't have to be "Ommm", any noise should help you focus on that sound instead of your thoughts. If you're interested you can read up on the natural relaxing effect white noise has on the brain. I really hope this helps you out somewhat

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