What I learned in hospital

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  1. carebear32

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    They did group activities daily at the hospital I was sent to. Last week was self awareness week. They taught us to get to know ourselves more and to discover where out boundaries are. I learned that I am a people pleaser and that I've got to learn to sometimes say no. They taught me the smart rules for setting goals and being able to ensure that I can achieve it.

    S - specific
    M - measurable
    A - achievable
    R - reachable
    T - time

    I use this in everything I do, sort of like everything is a goal. Likle Sunday when I walked 5km up to the shop and then walked 5km home with 4litres of milk.
  2. total eclipse

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    Hi hun glad you that hospital has given you some tools to help you define safe boundaries for you. Thanks for sharing them with us
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