what i leave behind!

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i leave behind tormet, pain, anger hatred, lack of sleep, ill will, jealousy, and the general discontent of humanity. My parents will live on, and so will my girl. She will find a better lifemate, one who can do a better job. The dept, will go on, crimes will be commited, and thugs will get their asses beat, nothing will change. My friends here will go and stay, and hopefully keep me in memory. One in particular, he must go on, and u all have to help him through this. I leave behind all posesiions to my mother, and step father, my dad ill prepare a place in hell ahead of him. Most of all, ill be transforming, into a new form, and i will see markus, and i will see others who have made the trip and prepared the way ahead of me.Oh no, im not going tonight, but im thinking what better fitting day than on my birthday.


Those you leave behind : friends, family, those you have helped and saved, those who could be helped and saved, Lisa, me, everyone.

And I don't care what you say, you aren't going to hell. You've done to much to HELP others regardless of your own safety to goto hell. There is no place in hell for you.

Don't even think about it. Not today, not ever.
IrishPaddy said:
And I don't care what you say, you aren't going to hell. You've done to much to HELP others regardless of your own safety to goto hell. There is no place in hell for you.

Don't even think about it. Not today, not ever.
Totally agree :)

You're definitely not going to hell, Gothic.
You've helped others - you've helped me, and, as Irish says, there's no place in hell for you to go.
:hug: I agree with what the other two has said.
Has anything happened to trigger you off tonight?
In your post you mentioned quite a few people who you care for, and people who care about you. Your death would have a negative impact and sometimes it's not the case of simply moving on. You're loved and cared for. People who care would like to help and give you the support. Give them the chance, give us the chance. :hug:
You also leave behind people who love you and care for you. A world that is a better place because you exist in it. You make a difference in many peoples lives. Your family, your gf, your friends, the people at the dept, the lives you make a difference in when stopping the thugs, criminals, etc. You leave behind Horus. That is just the beginning. There is no one who can replace you. Hell has no place in it for an angel. You definitely will not be headed there. Please do not give up Gothic. You still have a mark to make in this world.


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Hi Gothic,

I dont know you but our paths briefly crossed in the chatroom last night. You seemed to have dim view of yourself and called yourself a 'shit magnet' if i recall. How can someone with friends that care, a gf and family that love them think so little of themselves? We all experience anger, torment, hatred and jealousy, it is called being alive. I hope you haven't you done anything silly and look forward to seeing you on here again soon. Take care.
I don't know you at all, but it seems obvious there are many people who respect and care for you. Also, you have a girlfriend. I don't know what the situation is, but if she is still your girlfriend then clearly she feels you're a good guy. As someone who doesn't have a special lady in his life, I think you're a lucky guy in that respect.


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well guys, im not outa the woods yet, im having a bad birthday, and its geting worse, atleast i made it to see 24, if it werent for u guys i wouldnt be seeing my birthday right now, im still what u may call on the edge, just im not hanging on the edge like I was.
I have never been so happy to see someone post. I am gald you are here. Keep hanging on. As I told you before, you have many people that love you. Horus, too.
What is going on today? Please hun, stay safe. The world needs you and others like you.

I am going to wish you a happy 24th birthday. I hope the day gets better. If I had that band you wanted, I would put it here :). Peace , my friend. :hug:


I'm glad you're still with us. Get rid of the kit and the other crap. Keep talking, keep posting, don't give up on us.

Oh and happy birthday :D Really glad you are ok.


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Hmmm well.... you leave behind a lot....

So a few thoughts come to mind. First thought... if you female companion did not find you a suitible life mate she would not be with you.... well that is if your relationship has lasted more than 2 years.... but still you know what I mean...

What else what else.... at least you have that much to leave behind.... what do I have to leave behind? My family, they are worthless I don't even want to consider them part of me.... my possessions? They are nice... but they are material... and worth a lot so they will likely find their way to a garage sale... I would say my friends and companions... but I have maybe one.... who is not an online friend.... so I guess my message is that you have more than me... why not keep all of it...?

In the end I cannot stop you... I agree plotting is a wonderful thing... but the only person you seem to want to hurt in some way is your father.... so why would you hurt all the others? It just does not make sense....
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