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  1. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    Stimulus. Response. Humanity, as a society, is nothing more than a microsim for the most basic of creatures.

    Take, if you will, the amobea. The amobea knows nothing. It has no brain. It is simply a nucleus suspended in fluid surrounded by a permable cell wall.

    And yet, if you prod the amobea, it reacts. It recoils. It seeks to flee acidic environments. Even without a brain, the amobea seeks the route of self-preservation.

    We pride ourselves on cognition. We are better than the amobea, we argue, because we have thought. Morality. Religion. Science. Relationships.

    But is that true? Perhaps our entire existence boils down to those two words: stimulus. Response. A Pavolnian experiment on a grandiouse scale, involving a cast of billions.

    Take, if you will, human interaction. We bond to those who give us benefit, be it in the form of money, the opportunity to propegate the species, or shelter. Likewise, we shun those who offer us no benefit. We apply our base survival insticts to the way we interact with others. Those we perceive as offering the greatest benefit receive the majority of our attention; the opposite also proves true.

    For example: I was standing in a shopping district yesterday. In the middle of the street lay a homeless man atop a wheeled push-cart. His legs were malformed and atropied; they flopped behind him like a sadistic pair of rabbit ears. His socks were stained with dirt and mold grew upon them. He looked at me, and tried to smile; only a few rotted teeth remained in his mouth. He had a radio before him with a small basket atop of it, a gesture for people to add money. And yet, despite the piteous creature before them, people wandered the streets looking for things to buy. They would eye this man, yes, and give him a look that bordered between pity and derision; but none stopped to drop money into the basket. It was an unfortunately fitting example of how humanity's instincts continue to supersede its moralistic trappings.

    Stimulus: the homeless disfigured man. Response: ignore him and save a few dollars, it's better spent on cheap coffee table figurines.

    As sure as things fall when you drop them, all of creation is bound by stimulus and response, from the most insignifcant protozoan to the most complex organism. And, more often than not, these reactions are violent, used to ensure survival or further propegation of the species. A mother bear does not give you flowers when you touch her cub. She mauls your ass.

    We unfortunately see this same "survival response" in human relationships, a base reaction applied to social interaction. Why else are there so many assholes in the world?

    "Love thine neighbor as thineself;" "turn the other cheek;" "forgive." All of them are very eloquent words. Words that are seemingly absent within many.

    . . .

    Forgive the verbal diarrea. I had a bad day. Stream of consciousness took over.

    So that must mean it's beer time. Hooray for alcohol!

    Hooray . . . :sad:
  2. janie

    janie Well-Known Member

    well said

    did u give him a quarter btw? lol
  3. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    I agree with what you say and it's true that the human make-up is of that design aswell as all other living creatures on this planet but we have the ability to ascend and continue ascending, to become better and not bound by these simple mechanisms. Although for now they will be within us, that doesn't mean we should give up.
  4. Name19

    Name19 Member

    It feels nice to know other people think of the things..

    I have had similar if not identical thoughts but I there was always a flaw I found on my theory.

    This subject seems logical on a global unpersonal level on the situations in the world..BUT

    You also have grace,pride,love,etc. Mostly human emotions, when this Emotions or Characteristics exceed a certain level the response to the common stimulus is meant with an uncommon response, be it a child giving some money to the deform man on the streets or a Soldier(warrior, depending on epoch) dies to for the country or Brother sacrificing his life for his Sibling.Even a mother that has NO attachments as a parent to any child when in fact most animals create this bond with there Cubs(etc)

    Albeit most of this reactions are cultivated to us by different estates like Religion,Country,Innocence(or lack of knowledge).But the fact that we can react so irrationally(according to the basic sense of survival) un proves the theory that were just following instincts in a more sophisticated way.

    In the end of the day "uncommon" reaction of the child,the soldier,the brother are not that uncommon and are actually seen repeatedly on a daily-basis.

    A counter I thought for myself was that. "Well you can teach a cat to sit on a dog" so animals as we can be taught to do irrational things, but Cat cant teach a Cat to sit on a dog, nor can a Dog teach it self to walk in 2 legs.At least not in a common enough basis to be factorable.Unlike us humans who in between are own create drastic changes in common repsonses.

    Another issue, is the fact that most animals follow a cycle that on normal factors is in accordance to nature, we humans on the other hand change drastically as decades pass(way of life),and usually run against the way of nature, an animal understands what he can and cannot do to its habitat we do not.

    Theres a lot of things Im yet to understand as we all here, so by all means I could be wrong. I would be greatfull if you could elaborate on this problem I see.

    Albeit my english is not the best, so if you find something a tad incoherent just ask and Ill do my best to correct it properly.
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