What I want to say to my DRUNKEN TART OF A MOTHER

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    Dear Mum

    It's not my fault you can't handle your drink you stupid, drunken slag - when have you worked?? NOT FOR OVER 20 YEARS due to your so-called "depression" I have depression, I know for a fact that lying around feeling sorry for yourself is more a form of pig-headed refusal to look reality in the face because you have turned yourself into a sheltered, drunken whiny little woman who wouldn't know a backbone if it was shoved up her arse!!!!

    My sister cares not that I was attacked, not that I have suffered from self-harm and bulimia and lets face it, my obvious-yet-not-talked-about drug use. And you do fuck all about that, yet my poor, unsuspecting father who never should have married such a whining, weak, drunken, bitchy little wallflower like you, with his best intentions, puts a film on, and YOU fucking go on in a drunken rant about it's gore content!

    Saying "Oh that was a bit gory" would have been peachy, reasonable, but half an hour of drunken ranting because you can't handle wine nor life, is frankly appalling behaviour. I haven't heard as many "waaaaaaaaah"s from a fucking baby! I tried to step in to defend my father, which offended your histrionic arse even further to the point of saying you were even offended that you "have a daughter who watches such crap" does "Certificate 15" mean anything to you, you stupid, argumentative *****???

    Oh, it's not now that I am dreading, I know you'll collapse into a stupour - I mean sleep soon enough, it's the depression you'll have tomorrow. It's the endless, repetitive "Sorry"'s and you're continuous whining that you will "never drink again" and be topping up in the next hour...it's the borish apologies and determination to insist that you are "really not like that" that I am fucking dreading because you will simply suck me into your own miserable, self-pitying "poor fucking me" world!

    I'm the drug user of the family and I am the one with the most sensible sentiments. Be worried, as I don't know where my head is one day to the next and I'M telling you you're messed up??? The fact that you don't even know I sniff cocaine, pop pills and chew shrooms to get through life to avoid turning into the female version of Norman Bates shows how wrapped up in your own misery you truly are!

    Oh and for that matter, the times you were so proud of me coming home sober - I was snorting my weight in cocaine and that's why I was happy! You honestly think red bull can do that to people you stupid, stupid woman???

    The amount of times I want to stand with a megaphone in your stupid face and blast you with some knowledge: "I'VE DONE DRUGS IN YOUR HOUSE!!!" followed by maniacal laughter.

    I never will though you'll just have another relapse of depression and my job as unpaid councellor for my own fucked up mother will start up again. And frankly: FUCK. THAT.

    Just dope yourself up on prozac and piss off (Oh how about that, I hear you storming down the road to your mother's, I'm sure she'll be happy at 80 years old to be woke up because you had a row with your frankly shellshocked husband!)

    Don't be surprised if he wants to leave you tomorrow you ungrateful bitch
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    I hope letting it out helped...I'm sad this is happening to you...
    your Mum needs professional help...
  3. A_pixie

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    Thank you for reading my rant, it certainly did help to let it out...she's calmed down today but I never can tell with her mood swings *grimaces :S

    How are you? xx
  4. IV2010

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    :hiya: :sad: but ok thanks.... :hug: