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What I will never have.

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I lie around pondering my existence.... and plotting what I will do when certain things happen..

But then my mind wanders and I think about all the shit I have not nor ever will experience. You know love happiness passion bliss all those positive things that people who do not suck expereince... it just depresses me knowing that I really will never know, and probably do not know how to experience any of those things...

Which I know will affect my life in the future. Mainly because I will not know how to express any of these feelings nore will I ever be able to know how to give those feelings to others....

I also hate how people who say that I will experience it eventually. I mean eventually will probably be when I die right? Seriously.... it is annoying... people say "just wait out this rut" yes I will wait out this rut and I will fall out of it when I die....

Just rambling feel free to ignore me...
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