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What if I lose the one person that cares???

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I'm worried that the one person that likes me, my writing professor, might not be available after the semester ends. I told him that I have social anxiety. If you want to know, here is a little background info. I am really worried about this because I have been thinking lately that if I kill myself, he will be sad because it would make him feel guilty that he couldn't help me. But if I can't talk to him or see him anymore will I have a reason to live? If he never saw me anymore, he wouldn't find out that I committed suicide. Before I have mentioned that the only reason I am alive is because the people I know would miss me. He is the only one that lets me know he cares and I would miss him so much if I didn't see him anymore. I know it might be weird to be so attached to your professor but I am. Would it be possible to stay in contact with him if I don't have his class? It might not be because he will be busy with a whole new set of students to worry about.

I need him though :cry: I might kill myself without him. I would have no one to talk to anymore. No one to care about me!

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You don't sound like a stalker at all.

If you really care about him you have to let him know how you feel. I know this might be hard, maybe you could could copy and paste what you've written in to an email, as it is very moving and powerful.

If you think you will kill yourself without this guy then you owe it to everyone you know to do everything you can to stay in contact with him. I know how hard it is to talk to people about this kind of stuff, and I guess social anziaty makes it even harder, but you have to let him know how you feel, its obvious from your other topic that he cares about you, so he has a right to know.

Quote: No one to care about me!

Not quite true, while the opinions and feelings of internet people might not count, I care!

Look after yourself, and good luck talking to this guy



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I'm sorry. I know that you guys on here care. I care about you all too. I am just very upset about the idea of not having him as my professor. :( I'll just ask him if he teaches any writing class higher than 150. Then I might be able to have him again. I am going to let him know that I will miss him when I see him in class next.

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I'm guessing you've seen him in class by now, and I'm hoping that if you did you managed to talk to him. I hope its gone well for you, and he stays in touch.

Let us know,

just dont care

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I dont think its bad to see a professor even if you dont have him for a class i have a professor that see a talk to a lot even though i dont have his class just find something to talk about with him. My professor taught computers and networking and loved movies and new software so i would go and talk to him about those kinds of things.


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I'm glad someone is in the same type of situation I'm in. Now I know it is possible to be friends with a professor. I wonder if he knows how much I care about him and appreciate him. I am kind of worried because he hasn't e-mailed me back yet but I know I have to be paitent. I hope I didn't say something stupid that made him mad at me.

I can't help but think I must have done something to make him hate me. But I try to tell myself he must be busy. It is easier for me to have pessimistic thoughts than optimistic ones though.

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Hey there,
I feel i can somewhat sympathize. There have been people that I ahve e-mailed, and kept in contact with them that way, and then completely lost all contact with.

So while it is worth it to wait before you try again, i would say in person that you'd like to stay in contact via e-mail. Do that for a while, and try and get together to at least say hi on a sheduled basis. Chancesa re the professor's not mad at you, but is busy. They have LOTS to do ALL THE TIME. Being a professor is really rough. Give him time. Everyone comes around with time.

Oh and BTW - thursday holds a place in my heart that was toutched when i read your sig
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